Restaurant Review: Loca, Dubai

February 13
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Ideal for… a Mexican favorite in Dubai
Restaurant name and location: Loca, Dubai Marine on Beach Road, Dubai
Cuisine: Mexican
Atmosphere: The restaurant is quite spacious, but gets very busy at night. It tends to be more relaxed and quiet during the day.

What they say:
Styled with a stainless steel and brickwork facade, Loca has a distinctly underground feel that stands out amongst the alternative night-time hangouts and gives the venue a truly unique ambience.
A comprehensive listing of beers from around the world adds to the hop themed interior that includes visible beer rooms with industrial sized pipes so you can follow your tipples route direct from the keg to your glass and individual beer taps mounted on solid wood tables that will encourage guests to hone their bar-tending skills.
Plazma screens are on hand for major sporting events and a backdrop of poolside panoramas only adds to the individuality of Loca. A traditional Mexican menu is on hand that includes south of the border fare such as fajitas and burritos galore, paired with lesser known more traditional dishes such as corn husk tamales and banana leaf wrapped roasted lamb. All Loca’s dishes are a far cry from the “tex- mex” counter parts that have graced Dubai’s social scene for far too long.

What to order:
-Fresh guacamole: it doesn’t get fresher than this! The starter-to-share is prepared right in front of you.
-Flautas: Reminiscent of egg rolls, these flour tortillas are rolled with a chicken filling, and super tasty.
-Chicken fajita: really flavorful, the fajitas sizzle with onions and green peppers, and are served with sides of guac, sour cream, beans and rice.
-Corn fed chicken quesadilla with chipotle: one of the best quesadillas I’ve tasted.
-Tres leches: traditional “three milk” cake served with chocolate ice cream.
-Banana empanadas: banana turnovers served with with sweet cream, cinnamon sugar and vanilla ice cream.

During the day, it’s great. When it gets really busy in the evenings, it’s a whole other world! But I’ll give it to them, they know their menu!

What I loved:

-It’s not easy to find great Mexican food in Dubai, but this is one of my favorites in the city.
-Most of the dishes on the menu are incredible, and you have quite a few different options to choose from, which is always good in my book.

What I didn’t love as much:

-Where are the churros?! Please introduce them to the menu soon!

Bill for two: AED400

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