EXCLUSIVE interview with Sally Hershberger

February 8

Sally Hershberger needs no introduction. She is the woman behind stars like Tom Cruise to the original Supermodel’s hairs – as well as having some of the best hairstylists of the moment like Tracey Cunningham & Mark Townsend having assisted her back in the day. Sally was recently in town for appointments at Sisters Beauty Lounge and I was lucky to get booked in for a haircut. I was pretty open about what style I was going to leave with… I’m loving lobs but Sally, who’s NYC based was the expert. I ended up going for the coolest textured lob that is super easy to style. Here is my exclusive interview with Sally Hershberger.

How does it feel to be in Dubai? 
It feels great, but I’m not really in Dubai, I am at Sister’s Salon, working and doing appointments from 10:30 until 8-8:30 every night, and then going to dinner.

How did you get into hair?
Growing up in Hollywood, I hung out with Joan Jett, and my brothers hung out with other musicians. I was also a surfer. I had this really wild life and always thought I would have a trust fund to fall back on. I dreamed about designing clothes (after a trip to Europe, that was what I was passionate about). But I was partying. I didn’t get anything together. By the time I was 18, my mom said, “You have got to do something; you have got to go to school.” Well, one of my friends was like, “You’ve always been good with your hair, why don’t you do that?” He told me to go to Arthur Johns, who was one of the top three hairstylists in California. So I became an apprentice there and I went to beauty school.
I completed the course and I had to sit for the test for my beauty license. It actually was very complicated and all about electricity, oddly, and somehow I passed.
By then, I wasn’t really partying that much anymore and I started working at Arthur Johns. I was doing well. And then I left to go to a salon called Armando’s. It was the top, top salon at the time. Arthur actually got burnt out a bit by then. So I went to Armando’s and I was like the punk kid. When I walked in, they were like, “Ok, let’s see what you can do.” They made me do a cut on the spot and they loved it and hired me. Each stylist there was incredible in his or her right. This was the salon. Arthur used to do Olivia Newton-John and started partying a bit, so Armando started doing her hair. Then she went on tour for “Let’s Get Physical.” Usually, big hairdressers don’t go on tour because they are too expensive. So instead Olivia took me. Suddenly, I’m flying out in private jets—it was fun! It was through her that I met photographer Herb Ritts. He was photographing her for a spread. I did the hair and he loved it. Then he was throwing me into his shoots with Vanity Fair, with actress Michelle Pfeiffer—this was the Scarface era! I was very known for texture and volume in the ‘80s. It’s almost like matronly hair but more rugged and rough. It was like a gesture. I was all the girls’ (Cindy, Tatiana, the supermodels) go-to hairdresser because they knew I would make them look sexy.

What are the current hair trends you’re seeing?
That big hair, I think the big glam waves look is going to be over soon. It is all about the shorter, edgier hair now.

What hair trend needs to go away in your opinion? 
Big glam, bouncy waves…it’s all about the texture now. Edgy, texture which everyone can get using the right product.

I got the most incredible textured lob by you. What are your tips with styling it – be it at
The cool thing about a textured lob is that you have versatility…you can wear it straight with texture with 24K Texturizing Spray or the paste to give it a different look. If you want a wavy look, use a 1-inch iron and take small sections and making sure you’re waving it…so as soon as your curl it, you pull it straight to get a wave. And then of course, messing it up at the end is key.

You’ve worked with huge stars, do you ever get starstruck?
No, I don’t….I have always been surrounded by them, it doesn’t even phase me.

Why did you decide to launch 24k?
I couldn’t find anything that performed like I wanted it to for texture.

If there was one product everyone had to buy from the collection, what do you suggest? 
24K VOLUMIZING MOUSSE I never do anyone’s hair unless I put my 24K Volumizing Mousse in it. It’s a heat protectant, gives great moveable volume, and cuts blow dry time.

As a hair expert, what are three tips you can give myfashdiary readers on hair?
It’s all about the right product… it’s very important and particularly with this type of climate and with this weather. The need for products that are humidity resistant is key as humidity is the prime target as to what ladies should be using on their hair. Liquid Assets, my latest product that was released this Fall, is humidity resistant and heat resistant just to help keep the hair cuticle sealed as much as possible, especially in extreme heat and humidity. Something that I always tell my clients if they have curly hair a lot of the times, is that there is no point to fight it when it’s humid. Instead, embrace the curls and just make sure you’re using products to seal your hair cuticle… like my 24K Dry Oil… that’s another great one.

What are you currently working on? 
I am working on expanding my Sally Hershberger 24K line, and I am introducing a line of hot tools.