Restaurant Review: Zahira, Dubai

October 8

Ideal for… fans of renowned chef, Greg Malouf (he used to have a restaurant in Dubai called Cle)
Restaurant name and location: Zahira at the H Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road
Cuisine: Fine Levantine – you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see the menu
Atmosphere: Low key and relaxed
What they say: Zahira is a modern Middle Eastern restaurant and lounge, that offers a generous sharing menu created by the award-winning Chef Greg Malouf.

What to order:
-Silky hummus with spiced beef and almonds (comes with small pita breads and in the most beautiful presentation)
-burrata with foul mudammas (tastes exactly like it sounds!)
-Wagyu beef skewered with pearl onions (the beef could’ve been a little softer, but it was super flavorful)
-Baklava sandwich (Not really a baklava, but the cardamom coffee ice cream with orange blossom syrup was quite good)

Service: The staff were super sweet, and we also got to meet Greg – who came out of the kitchen to greet clients.

What I loved:
-The most interesting dishes – everything is a twist on favorite arabic dishes, which makes this restaurant a very unique dining choice.
-The cocktails were super interesting, I would come back just for cocktails!

Bill for two: AED250

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