Restaurant Review: Peyote, Dubai

October 31


Ideal for… a night at London’s hotspot, now in Dubai
Restaurant name and location: Peyote, DIFC Dubai (close to La Petite Maison)
Cuisine: Modern Mexican
Atmosphere: I went on a Friday night – it was quite happening with people coming and leaving throughout our dinner and drinks.
What they say: Peyote restaurant brings the vibrant spirit of modern Mexico to Dubai with its contemporary and refined take on Mexican food. Named after a small cactus native to the Chihuahuan Desert, Peyote stands as Dubai’s gateway to modern Mexican culture with its hedonistic, multi-sensory experience from the food, drink, music and unique convivial atmosphere.
The menu, perfectly tailored and curated by Executive Chef, Eduardo Garcia, the acclaimed chef of Maximo Bistrot (one of Latin America’s top 50 restaurants) presents refined and unique Mexican food. Beautifully crafted dishes that strike a delicate balance between the contemporary and classic. From the familiar small plates of tacos, tostadas, quesadillas to delicate ceviches and more unusual dishes such as cactus salad, laminado de hamachi and polpo Mexicana.

What to order:
-Calamari (light and crispy – ones you can dip in their selection of salsas on the table)
-Guacamole (they aced it)
-Nopales cactus salad (light, refreshing and because half come salt-cured – and the other half chargrilled, it keeps the dish interesting)
-Quesadilla al Comal (traditional quesadilla with cheese)
-Wagyu Tenderloin (tender and flavorful)
-Churros (traditional churros with warm chocolate sauce and caramel sauce)

Service: Our waitress was super sweet, so helpful and knew her dishes inside out.

What I loved:
-Peyote was chic, yet hip – one of those places you’d take someone to impress.
-Instead of bread and olive oil, you get 4 different kinds of salsa (with different levels of spice as well as a peanut butter one) with corn tacos.

Bill for two: AED350

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