Treatments to Try: Teeth facial, Hacial, & a Mermaid Pedicure

January 24

What: Teeth cleaning at Dr Apa

The atmosphere: Dr Apa’s clinic, which is based in Jumeirah – is one of the most luxurious ones I’ve seen in this city. Everything looks new, chic, shiny and sparkly. You can see that they have not cheapened out on any of the equipments or materials, because everything actually looks high end and beautiful.

The experience: Before I start with explaining my experience, can I just talk about how amazing the apple TV on the ceilings are? I did forget I was at the dentist for the while because I was busy watching ‘I am Cait’ – there are TV shows (Scandal!), movies and podcasts on there. During the 40 minutes that I was there, I started with an Anti bacterial wash (for my health and my hygienist, Beverly’s health) before getting a gel topical anesthesia. My treatment started with a polish to lift off stain and bacteria, on to the ultrasonic cleaning (imagine it as a Turkish Hammam for the mouth) then my least favorite, Beverly used hand instruments to finely clean any bacteria that is left and finishes it off with Flossing (which is essentially the most important part)

Final note and results: I felt lighter and it gave me a jumpstart to any missed flossing days!

Recommended dentist: Hygienist, Dr Beverly

Cost: AED950


Extra notes:

-We sometimes look at teeth cleaning at a doctor’s appointment when you’re having issues, but it actually needs to be done regularly like you would for a hair color, a haircut and your waxing/laser appointments. You should ideally be doing it every 3-6 months.

Recommended rating: 9.8/10

What: Back De-Stress treatment at De la Mer Day Spa

The atmosphere: I’ve mentioned previously that De La Mer Day Spa is one of my favorites in terms of being a salon and an actual spa. Even though they may have most salon treatments, their spa section is pretty impressive.

The experience: As soon as I arrived, I got changed and went in to the treatment room where I started with a signature foot scrub before laying down. The treatment started with a massage on the shoulders and back, before the ginger powder and orange was applied on my back (felt like a scrub, but it was actually organic ginger powder) before a hot towel was applied on to soothe and melt the muscles.

Final note and results: My stiff muscles felt lighter – At 30 minutes, this is the perfect quick fix for aching muscles

Recommended therapist: Lynn

Cost: AED150


Extra notes:

-This is great for aching muscles and the busy lady!

Recommended rating: 9.5/10

What: Mermaid Pedicure at SOH

The atmosphere: SOH is one of my favorite salons in the city. Super fun and artistic, the vibe just feels like pure cool the second you enter.

The experience: Starting with a traditional pedicure (cleaning, filing, and cuticle work), it then moves to the best part – the crystal salts create a bowl of what feels like caviar (you get to choose your color, I went with blue!) and you end up getting such an incredible fun texture. The treatment is finished with a citrus scrub, massage and mask before the polish is applied.

Final note and results: A+ for the experience and it’s a lovely detoxifying treatment to your regular pedicure.

Recommended therapist: Yna

Cost: AED180


Recommended rating: 9/10

What: Hacial at Pastels Salon, Jumeirah

The atmosphere: Pastels is always really busy, I suggest you go during the day during a weekday

The experience: The Hacial, by Kerastase is pretty much a facial for the hair. Perfect for when you have a build up of product on your hair (be it a wedding, event or a busy week). As soon as I arrived, I was taken to the shower section where my lovely therapist, Rebecca gave me a short scalp massage on my dry hair, before washing it and applying the scrub product by Kerastase. She then massaged it into my scrub (the product has grains so it really does exfoliate) and then all over the hair. Once that was done, my hair was washed and conditioned using the Kerastase Chronologiste range.

Final note and results: My hair and scalp felt squeeky clean (I really do recommend it for people with greasy hair) as it really does sweep it all off. My hair was then blow dried by Angelina (she also gave me some beautiful beach waves!)

Recommended therapist: Rebecca

Cost: starting at AED50 as an add on


Recommended rating: 9.5/10