The Masterclass: Ballroom dancing at Crystal Dance Centre

January 19

Where: Crystal Dance Centre, JLT, Dubai – at the Dome Building
What: The studio is spacious yet still quite small. Wooden floors and crystal chandeliers, it really feels like a dance floor/ballroom. It sets the scene.
Type of Dance: Greta, the founder – an elegant and classy woman that competes on a full time basis (as well as runs her own dance centre!) opened up Crystal dedicated to ballroom dancing because she felt like we didn’t have any places dedicated to it in the city. I never knew how many dances were under the ballroom dance umbrella (I’ve shared more details below!)
What it helps: You learn the whole practice, step by step as well as work the body and flexibility. I came in to the first class with no pre experience before, well maybe a bit at Finishing school – but nothing worth talking about. Greta really made me get comfortable and confident with the dance that it really becomes something you stop thinking about, and start enjoying.
Changing rooms: They have a little changing room as well as toilets in the studio.
Amenities: I was lucky to use the dance shoes available, but you do need to come ready and a water tank is available.
Parking: Free 3 hour parking outside the building.
Recommended Instructors: Greta teaches whenever she’s in town – as well as two other instructors.

Pro’s :
-Greta, the founder is a ballroom dancing professional. She competes in London, Germany to name a few, she has won awards and even has her dance portraits displayed in the studio. She also trains her instructors – so you are learning from the best.
-The Energy – There is no stress or negativity in this studio. The staff are really the sweetest!

What I learned:
-For my first session, I learned basic steps of Waltz and Cha Cha to really understand the distinction between both. We then focused on the cha cha – the basic steps, before adding little steps and figures to the dances. I really enjoyed learning both the solo and the couple versions of both.

Ballroom dancing is the style of dance that combines art and a sport/workout in one. It really lets out your artistic expression as well as learning a new hobby. I must say, I didn’t know how many dances go under ballroom dancing, so it was an interesting learning experience. Ballroom dancing can be divided into two parts – the standard, which is slow waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slow Foxtrot and Quickstep. The Latin American has the Samba, Cha-cha-cha, Rumba, Pasodoble and Jive underneath the umbrella. You don’t need to want to do this on a professional level to learn, it’s an incredible social skill.