Restaurant Review: Poco Loco, Dubai

January 22

Ideal for… a tasty and authentic Latin American experience
Restaurant name and location: Poco Loco in JBR, The Beach
Cuisine: Latin American (think food from Peru, Mexico and Argentina)
Atmosphere: A super cool and vibrant space, the restaurant was quiet during the day – but I was told the whole atmosphere really comes out at night.
What they say: Poco Loco is a modern Latin American restaurant where the flavors of traditional dishes meet today’s urban Latin lifestyle. Poco Loco’s cuisine aims to create sophisticated dishes from the South American continent, which are mainly coined by the influence of countries like Peru, Mexico, and Venezuela to name a few. The food is delivered to the table in a grazing style on a first prepared – first serve basis, in small plates that are designed to be shared offering diners a selection of small plates and larger dishes, alongside an innovative range of mocktails.
Located at The Beach, a dynamic development opposite JBR, Poco Loco’s menu curator, Neil Witney, who offers 20 years of experience in the industry, spanning some of London’s most successful Latin American, Mexican and Pan Asian concepts, as well as restaurants in New York and Sardinia.
Music and entertainment is as important as the food at Poco Loco, with a soundtrack taking diners to the energetic streets of Latin America, with regular live entertainment showcasing throughout the week.
The concept expands over two floors, the ground floor being more family-oriented with direct access to the beach and the upper level offering a smoking lounge where guests can enjoy hand rolled cigars with staggering views over the Arabian Gulf.

What to order:
-Guacamole – fresh and not too large
-Tacos with grilled chicken and pineapple (a must order, stuffed tacos but really flavorful)
-Chopped ensalda verde (so fresh, with pomegranate and caramelized pecans)
-Roasted chicken with ancho chilli and garlic (I ordered it with a side of a green rice)
-Tres leches (a Mexican milk cake – not every restaurant does this well. I loved this one)
-Churros (with a side of sauce Cajeta – a Mexican caramel sauce), those were some good churros!)

Service: Really knowledgable staff, they know their stuff – which is always great for a new restaurant.

What I loved:
-The same chef behind Bodega Negra came up with the concept.
-They make their tacos in house, delicious and fresh.
-They have healthy options on the menu including quinoa and chia seed pudding to name a few.

Bill for two: AED300

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