Eyelash Extensions 101

January 14
Comments has always been about sharing things I know, things I learnt as well as discovering and learning about things I don’t know much about. Eyelash extensions are addicting, anyone that has ever tried them will admit them and they’re also one of those things you either love or hate. There is something I realized, and that is, there isn’t enough information on eyelash extensions out there. When I was in Los Angeles, I tried out Natasha of Myshantibar (Chantel Jeffries and Kylie Jenner’s friends are regular clients!). I loved how natural they felt, and yet they still gave a lovely cat eye shape to the eyes. Natasha works out of her salon in Studio City, and also takes mobile appointments. She knew so much about extensions, that my appointment also left me a lot more educated (you might think, why do I need to get educated as the lash therapists are supposed to be the educated ones – but if you’re not educated enough, there is a chance you’re going to ruin your lashes.)

-What should we be looking for in a good lash therapist?

First, I would recommend someone who is a licensed esthetician. I believe that you’ll receive a higher quality of work, but at the very least a licensed cosmetologist as required by the state of California. A technician should also give you a waiver prior to application. It’s important that you understand the procedure and are able to ask questions if needed. Someone who has a sanitary work area is very important for not only you but the technician. Lastly, you want a technician who is going to be honest with you. If you want a particular length, the technician should give a professional recommendation rather than agree to any style which may result in a loss of lashes.

-How often is a good and healthy amount of time to get refills – minimum and maximum?

On average your lashes fall out every 30-45 days. Most clients come in for refills every two to three weeks depending on their desired look. It’s hard to determine a set time as each client’s lashes grow at a different rate, and age plays a factor as well.

-How often should we be brushing our lashes?

If you wear makeup I recommend you brush them daily. If not, I would suggest running water through them everyday (as often as you would wash your face), and brushing them every two days.

-How often should we be cleaning our lashes?

Everyday. As we said before, running water through them daily is important. This helps clear out any oils and bacteria that may be stored on the lashes which may cause them to fall out.

-What is the best and safest way to be cleaning our lashes?

I suggest an oil free based organic face wash. Lashes are very delicate because of the material, so anything that you would use on your child is most likely gentle enough for your lashes.

-How do we avoid our own lashes from falling out?

In my expert opinion your lashes fall out every 30-45 days, and a lot of that is based on genetics. There isn’t much you can do to counter act that.

-Should we be giving our lashes breaks in between extensions?

I recommend waiting at least two and a half weeks between extensions. You want your lashes to reach the Resting Phase, which is the time where your natural lashes are at their strongest. Attaching extensions to these stronger lashes makes for an ideal look and hold for the extensions.

-How can we strengthen our lashes when we have extensions on?

I don’t recommend applying any lash serums while you have extensions. Adding any oils or exposing your lashes to long periods of moisture may potentially cause your lash extensions to detach from your natural lashes.

-Are we able to apply make up with lashes? what are your tips?

Absolutely. However, if you are wearing heavy makeup regularly you’ll most likely lose lashes at a faster rate. If you do need to wear mascara I suggest a very thin amount, as adding product can potentially weigh down your lashes and lift them from the root of the attachment. Water proof makeup is a no no.

-Lastly, are there any tips you can give to people on lash extensions?

Sleep on your back; it’ll help them last longer. Don’t go more than double the length of your lashes. Treat your extensions like normal hair. Always come back for a fill with CLEAN lashes. If your lashes aren’t clean it makes attaching lashes that will hold very difficult. Rather than ask for thicker lashes, ask for lighter ones. This gives a more natural look, and helps the lashes stay on longer. Avoid water for the first 24 hours is a must.