Treatments to Try: Nail Extensions, Ketox and a Golf Ball Massage

December 7

What: A spa experience at the Grand Hyatt

The atmosphere: A huge hotel and large spa (10 treatment rooms, with the most beautiful indoor pool), so it’s easy to feel intimidated at first, but it soon turns very intimate due to the incredible service.

The experience: A spa experience is 30% spa and 70% service – the service at the Grand Hyatt made this experience a beautiful one. Everything is thought about – as soon as I checked in, I filled in my consultation form, and even got to choose from a tea menu post treatment and from a music menu for the music during the treatment. My treatment included a 30 minute polish, where I was given a choice between 3 scrubs followed by the pearl balm signature massage (a little greasy, smells like lavender, but the shimmer is gorgeous)

Final note and results: I left the treatment relaxed and shimmery – however quite greasy due to the balm.

Recommended therapist: Christina

Cost: AED1,000


Extra notes:

-I left the treatment so happy, however came to a loud relaxation room with two women gossiping out loud. Instead of asking the women to quiet down, I was taken to another room for a quieter home – which put me off slightly

Recommended rating: 9/10


What: Macadamia deep repair hair treatment at Nicholas & Jean Salon, Dubai Media One hotel

The atmosphere: I went on a weekday morning, which you can imagine – is one of the best times as it was nice and quiet.

The experience: It was the best experience I could ask for – sweet staff, fast (I was done with my treatment and blow dry in one hour), an incredible massage at the basin and a fab treatment. After my hair was washed with the brand’s shampoo, a mask was applied in sections to my hair (which was mixed with pure macadamia oil). After it was applied on my hair, I got a lovely massage to penetrate the product into my hair, and was left under the steam before it was washed.

Final note and results: My hair smelt good, felt hydrated and soft – and I left with bouncy, soft curls.

Recommended therapist: Nida for the treatment and Patrick for the blow dry

Cost: The treatment cost AED 150 and AED 135 for the blow dry.


Recommended rating: 10/10


What: A Golf Ball massage at De la Mer Day Spa

The atmosphere: De la Mer Day spa is one of my favorites, because even though the day spa is spacious and offer a lot of treatments, you still feel the calm energy that you also feel coming into a hotel spa.

The experience: As soon as I entered, I was given spa slippers and was taken to the changing rooms before heading to the private room. My only concern was the fact that the room was quite chilly. The treatment started with a foot scrub followed by the 60 minutes massage that is done with oil (I was given a choice, and went with Jasmine oil) and golf balls. When warming up, my therapist used the Balinese technique, and then moved to the deep tissue.

Final note and results: Incredibly relaxed and ended with carrots, cucumbers and a cup of ginger tea. If you’re someone like me that gets a ton of knots on their shoulders and upper back, this is perfect – because the balls really get in there and roll them out with the uneven textures around the ball.

Recommended therapist: Sanny

Cost: AED400


Recommended rating: 9.5/10


What: Ketox hair treatment at AASCH

The atmosphere: A huge clinic in Dubai Healthcare city – AASCH is home to clinics, spa and a salon.

The experience: My appointment was in a cosy room within the spa, where their Hydrotone machine is placed. The machine itself is quite impressive, it looked like the future of salon basins. The machine washes and conditions the hair using Vichy products whilst using blue light therapy. Once it washes the hair, the therapist manually applies the Ketox mask followed by a light massage (which could have been improved with something relaxing) to penetrate within. Once that is done, the steam within the machine is turned on, before it ends with a rinse and light water therapy massage.

Final note and results: The machine itself was quite impressive, however I came in hoping it would be relaxing and nourishing, but would recommend this more for someone that wants to detox their hair from all the keratin and hair botox.

Cost: AED600


Extra notes:

-I had a bit of an issue with their call centre, which I would hope that they could improve on.

-They dry your hair post treatment, but don’t give blow dries. However, there is a salon within the clinic if you need a blow dry.

Recommended rating: 6.5/10



What: Caviar hair treatment at Jose Eber Laloge salon

The atmosphere: A brand new salon in Emirates Hills, Jose Eber Laloge is based at The Address, Montgmomerie and is a franchise of Jose Eber’s salons. Super glamorous, the salon had clients coming and leaving while I was in

The experience: After I entered and waited till they were free to take me with a 10 mins wait time, i had my hair washed before the Caviar treatment by Kerastase was applied on the basin. My hair was then left under the steam for 20 minutes, before it was massaged, washed and blow dried.

Final note and results: My wavy hair didn’t last very long, but my hair felt intensely hydrated with the treatment.

Recommended stylist: Rami

Cost: AED500 for the treatment and AED200 for the blow dry


Extra notes:

-They have international magazines available, which is always a plus.

-Instead of cookies, you get Patchi chocolates with your drink!

Recommended rating: 8/10


What: Biosculpture nail enhancements at The Nail Spa

The atmosphere: The Nail Spa are one of the best in the city. It doesn’t matter what time of the day you are heading, it’s going to be full. My preferred branch is Mercato Mall, but there’s always something relaxing about heading to TNS

The experience: After the traditional manicure (file, cuticles and cleaning), the tip is built with the Molding form (which looks like a sticker hat on your nails) – this is when your length is built (you can always file later) before moving to the silk wrap which is used to bond the nail to the tip and everything is dried via the UV light. Once that is done, it is shaped to your preference and finished off with a flexible and UV gloss.

Final note and results: Long and strong – this is a great way for women that want long nails and can’t achieve it. It lasts 2-3 weeks before you need a refill.

Recommended therapist: Che

Cost: AED325 for a natural mold.


Extra notes:

-Biosculpture is better than acrylics for the nails, because they don’t buff as much.

Recommended rating: 9.5/10