A Modern Tradition: Gucci Oud Intense

December 13

There’s something so special when a global luxury brand, like Gucci creates such a traditional fragrance that works with both the East and West. The new Gucci Oud Intense, which makes the perfect Christmas present (because it really does feel like a piece of luxury and the intensity really sets it apart from fragrances out in the market.)

I have more than a superficial connection with this fragrance, because of the memories that come with it. Oud fragrances have been a part of the Arabic tradition for hundreds of years and associate it with important dates and events that happen during the year – so it really gives off that feeling of home and warmth – not to mention the bottle has a Middle Eastern luxe flair that sits with me due to my Middle Eastern roots.

Here are a few images I did with the new fragrance, I hope you enjoy! It’s out in stores at the moment – just in time for the holiday season.

Photos by Rhys Simpson-Hopkins
Shot at The Address Hotel Downtown