EXCLUSIVE interview with Zendaya

December 11

Disney star, Zendaya was recently in Dubai as part of Dubai Shopping Surprises’ DSS STARZ program, where they bring teen sensations to the city. Ahead of her fashion talk at Debenhams, I sat down to talk to her. We talked fashion, beauty and getting that perfect selfie.

Hi Zendaya! How does it feel to be in Dubai?
It’s awesome! I’m really lucky to be back. I was last here 3-4 years ago.

Is there anything your excited to do while you’re here?
We just went to the indoor ski which was very interesting because obviously I go to Tahoe and here, there is no source of snow anywhere.

That’s how we get our snow…
Exactly, which is really cool, on another’s just like impossible but it exists.

How would you define your style?
The cool thing about my style that I think differentiates from a lot of people, is I don’t really want to stick with one type of look, I think the beauty about what I’ve been be able to do with fashion is to experiment and have fun and not to be afraid of it. I think fashion definitely is something that people should not be afraid to take risks and enjoy – especially when they’re young.

How do you go about dressing up, I love that you have different sides of you.
My stylist Law Roach- we’re very good team. He knows me, he knows my style, he knows my taste and we push each other – sometimes he brings things and I don’t know if I like it or I don’t know if I’m ready or comfortable, I’ll push him to find things that are edgier or different.  We’re constantly pushing each other and really working and collaborating with each other to make great moments every time we step on the red carpet.

Do you have someone you’re inspired by or an icon you love?
No one in specific, but I love looking at everyday woman.

I love your make up and your skin looks amazing, what are your beauty essentials?
Everyone should have a really good skincare routine and I think, what I use is gonna be different from someone else, we have different skin and different types of reactions to stuff.

Do you have something that you maybe follow every morning and night?
The number one thing is just to have a facial cleanser and exfoliate, exfoliating is so important. Your skin will be rejuvenate.

And what about hair?
I am really strict with my hair because I really had a sad hair time when I had my first show because of all the heat, that it started breaking up, like it was broken and it did not curl anymore, so I spent like 2-3 years just regrowing it all the way out and starting from scratch.

Do you use any hair treatments?
Yes I use Argan oil, I try to put coconut oil as well Before you straighten or use any type of tool you must prepare your hair, you must prime it with all the stuff and make sure it is taken care of like thermo protected oils and all that stuff.

What kind of make up do you wear? Your make up is always on point!
Thank you, I have two different nude lipsticks that I use that people are really always into, there’s my high end which is I have my Tom Ford nude called Sable Smoke and then I have my Maybelline.

How do you keep fit?
I’m constantly travelling, so that’s apparently the reason. I don’t like to work out, I get so bored of it. I find things that are fun for me, like on my show I do fight choreography so I’m doing martial arts. I do things that are fun for me so it doesn’t feel like I’m working out in that way.

You take some of the best selfies, what are your top tips?
My tips, angles, it’s ok to look on the mirror and stare at yourself as long as you want, everyone’s got a beautiful face, just look at it and decide which part of your face you want to show the most.  Angles, lighting, make sure you got the right lighting. Find your light, and filters, don’t overdo it.

What are you currently working on?
I have my TV show that I’m producing, called K.C Undercover, it’s another Disney show that I’m doing. Should be coming up here pretty soon – I’m excited for that. I also just launched my shoe line!