Fitness Choice: Physique57, Dubai

December 21
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Where: They have 2 locations in the city – The City Walk space, which is the original and first studio. My favorite was the new one in Al Thanya mall, which is larger and has a lot more natural light which is refreshing.

What: Physique57 is a cult workout from the states that have a large celebrity following including Kelly Ripa and Chrissy Teigen to name a few.

Type of workout: Barre – a full body workout, starts with warm ups, arms, thighs, seat to abs. If you’re not familiar with barre, it incorporates a lot of ballet and dance into a workout – that builds lean muscle to getting you the perfect dancer’s body (hence why all the instructors come from a dance background, but you don’t need one to enjoy it!). One of the biggest misconceptions, is that because it looks graceful, it’s not tough and rigorous like a cross fit or high intensity workout – but it really is one of the toughest you’ll do. Constantly challenging your muscles, you will feel that burn (which is pretty much your muscles telling you they’re changing.) The class uses Interval training – a sprint followed by a stretch -You feel stronger with every class.

What it helps: It works your whole body, as well as the tiny muscles to build a lean body, without bulking up.

The Class: An hour long, your legs shake, you sweat and you lose your breath – it is a workout! The class starts with the arms and heavy weights, moving to thighs, your seat and ending with abs. Everything you do is toning, increasing stamina, pushing your flexibility and chiseling the muscles without bulking up.

Amenities: You need to bring your own barre socks, but they all the other equipment you need – including towels.

Parking: Both locations have parking right outside!

Recommended Instructors: I was very impressed with all the instructors I managed to take classes with during the month – they are all at the same level of the ones in the US, which is very important. If I didn’t mention any, it means I didn’t get the chance to take their class enough to share what I thought!
-Erin is one of the first instructors at P57 Dubai. She reminds me of the ones in the US and has amazing energy!
-Lianna is super cute from Canada, reminds me of the instructors in the US, with her bubbly energy. She makes sure she’s fixing techniques to get you the best workout you can get.
-Ivy is a sweet British instructor with a dance background, her music makes you feel like you’re at a dance party and is constantly correcting movements, which is great.
-Ariel is sweet, but tough. Love her music – Rnb mixed with the songs everyone know and love.

Pro’s :
-Modifications and options for everything and everyone.
-You do get your workout as well as your stretches in class.
-The app – because of the app, I was in around 4 times a week. Once I had free slots, I booked through the app and it saved it in my diary.

Cost: AED130 for a class – but they offer several packages so I usually get the unlimited month (which I recommend for regular class takers!)