How do I protect my skin on long haul flights?

December 27

For the Summer holidays, I have asked my skin guru, Rebecca Treston of Euromed how to protect our skin on long flights. I recently flew out from Dubai to Chicago and San Francisco to Dubai – which were both over 15 hours.

We all want to step off  the aircraft looking glamorous, skin glowing with health and vitality With so many trips lined up over the summer, this month, I’m wondering how to best protect my skin on long haul flights. I spoke to my skin guru, Rebecca Treston at Euromed Clinic and this is what she has to say:

My advice is, even though you might not like it, is to fly bare-faced. The reason behind this advice is that the air on an aircraft is already very drying, so it’s best to allow your skin time to breathe. If you can’t bear to step outside without makeup on then be sure to remove your makeup once on board your flight. After you’ve settled down into your seat and the meal has been taken away, order a few glasses of sparkling water,  remove your makeup then apply a lovely moisturiser like Hyal Ceutic by Dermaceutic. It’s an intensely moisturizing cream containing essential nutrients and Hyaluronic Acid which keep skin hydrated for hours on end.

Before arriving at your destination, re-apply your makeup or simply slather on a high factor SPF with UVA and UVB protection for daytime. As you disembark, wear a hat and sunglasses and continue practicing great skincare.

In really hot climates, you might like to apply a gorgeous hydrating mask in the evenings which will replenish moisture lost during the day-time. Then replace your usual moisturiser with a light-weight serum. In the event that your skin does get burnt make sure to apply some Aloe Vera gel or lotion to the affected areas.