Highlights of the month: The Best in the City

December 23

Car: Mercedes CLS 500

A car I got to experience this month, was the brand new Mercedes CLS500 – a redesigned four door coupe. I must say it was one of the smartest and most futuristic cars I’ve driven so far. Spacious, but long – the smart car with luxe interiors and exteriors has a smooth drive as well as smart features I fell in love with. One of my favourites was the Birds eye view feature, which makes parking and moving in a tight space a breeze as well as cameras from all angles. Other features include cruise control, a built in massage option on seats, an 8 inch screen to display everything on – and the one big difference that made the drive a lot better than most cars around – the extra eyes on the road. It literally reacts to anything around you.

Food: Entre Cote Cafe de Paris 

Not many people know we have quite a few Entre Cote options in the city (French steak with a special sauce, which comes with a green salad and fries), but we also do have a Shopping centre option. Entre Cote Cafe de Paris. I recently went there for dinner with a friend. Overlooking the Dubai Mall foundations, you have an option between 3 steaks (we went with the classic New Zealand steak) and comes with a plate of zesty green salad and crispy unlimited fries. Casual setting at the mall, with great service – the Entre Cote wasn’t the best I’ve ever had – but a good change to options in the mall and perfect to satisfy a crave. Look into spending around AED400 for two.

Beauty: Loft Fifth Avenue Business Bay

For my readers based in Business Bay, here’s a salon worth checking out – Loft Fifth Avenue at Bay Avenue with their first Loft fifth cafe (serving coffee, fresh pastries and bakery items as well as healthy food). With services like hair, eyelashes, nails and facials – it’s a full fledged salon. Keeping in line with their loft theme, the salon looks very similar to the others yet being more spacious. I booked in for a blowout for the lovely Holly, who gave me some glamorous curls after a wash. The salon uses Kerastase and Redken products. PS they also have a men’s section next door.


Tailor: 800-Tailor

If you love your fashion and clothes, you will know that finding a good tailor and a convenient one is vital. I recently only tried 800-tailor for the first time and highly recommend it for the busy bees. Their whole concept is being a tailor that comes to you – you literally give them a call, they come to you, get your measurements/alterations, leave and come back with the final product. They are quite prompt with calls and emails (only wish they called less!) and did manage to get my items to me within the week which wasn’t bad as it was Eid but they did a good job with shortening hems, adding buttons to items that did not go on well as well as sewing closures.

Tech: LG V10

I’ve always been an iPhone and blackberry user, and have been so for the past couple of years. I was recently introduced to the brand new LG V10, and I thought here’s another phone that I’m going to love for a few days and end up forgetting at home. I will be honest, this wasn’t the same. The first reason so? The photos are pretty amazing, super clear (doesn’t matter if you’re shooting day or night) and hence if I don’t have space for my DSLR, this is what I’m carrying. Here’s my round up of what I love (and what I don’t) about the LG V10


-The pictures are clear. It has double the amount of megapixels than an iPhone, as well as built-in photoshop! The same goes for video.

-The camera has two lens, so you can take a regular selfie or what that has a wider lens and fits a lot more in (I LOVE this!)

-I kind of love that it’s not an overdone phone, so you really do stand out from the crowd (ha!)

-It has a removable battery (I kind of miss when my phone was not fine, I could remove the battery or even better only send the battery for service!)

-The expandable storage (you’re never going to have an issue with limited space)

-It’s durable and doesn’t slip out of your hand very easy (the screen does scratch though)

-It’s quite a fast phone.


-As the phone is quite large, it’s a little tricky to click the button on the back when you want to take a picture.

-With all phones that aren’t iPhones, it’s an android.


98% of everything I own, I’ve bought online. I must say, one of the struggles I had was when an ecommerce store doesn’t ship to the UAE. I’ve dabbled using a few different services to sort that issue and this was definitely one of my favorites. I’ve recently also been using it for beauty products from the US that don’t ship outside of the States. To give you a brief idea of how it works, once you register – you get yourself an address in the States (mine is in Sarasota Florida). Once you want to order something, you share your MyUS address as your address (you also get deals and coupons yearly – which I haven’t personally tried). Once your package arrives, MyUS send an email to let you know (as you then choose your ideal shipping mode depending on cost and time) and you can also ship several packages in one go. One thing I really loved about the concept is even if they open your package for the contents etc, you re package it for you really well so it’s intact when it arrives to your city. Within the package, a little card is dropped with the name of the Packing expert that packed your package. All in all, I had such a seamless experience, the shipping costs can be a little lower but it’s great for shipments that you usually can’t get to Dubai.

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