Five Favorite Beauty Buys - May 2015

May 2

Here are 5 beauty products I’ve been using this month.


Skincare: Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum

For hydration, made out of Camelia…

One of Chanel’s key skincare launches that I’m really loving at the moment. I usually love every product they launch through the Hydra beauty range because they all feel very light and refreshing. If your skin needs a major hydration, this watery elixir serum (which is made out of micro-droplets, antioxidants and Camelia oil beads) really penetrates the skin. There’s your skincare investment for the month!

Wipes: Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic facial wipes

For gentle, organic cotton wipes…

I tend to use wipes before a cleanser when removing make up and recently fell in love with those by Neal’s Yard Remedies. If you have sensitive skin, I highly suggest this – super gentle with Aloe Vera and antioxidant white tea on organic cotton wipes.

Lips: Dior Cheek & Lip glow

For a lip stain for the gym…

Even when I’m running errands, the beach or at the gym, a nude lip is sometimes a bit too done. On a recent fitness shot, make up artist, Najla Kaddour used a lip tint on my lips and made me want to get my own. I’ve been using this new one from Dior (which can also be used on the cheeks) and gives the most natural and pretty tint on the lips.

Hair: Tangle Angel Brush

For a brush that doesn’t break the hair…

I’m not exactly sure how I used to brush my hair before I owned a tangle brush. The way they place the teeth of the brush helps you brush your hair easily when wet or tangled, avoiding to break off the hair or pulling on them either. If you don’t own one, I highly recommend you get your hands on one. This brush is also anti-bacterial and anti-static.

Available at all Pastel salons

Fragrance: M. Micallef in Gardenia

For the ultimate floral fragrance… 

If you love your florals, highly recommend you check this one. One of my favorite night time gardenia scents – a deep floral with a top note of White floral. Long lasting and smells like pure gardenia with notes of vanilla.