Hair Sewing 101

April 25


The rave has been around Hair Sewing so for this month, Cat Hawkes, Marquee’s Creative Director shares the deets behind Hair sewing, why it’s used and the step by step guide to get the braid undo crown she created on my hair above.

Created by Australian session stylist Kevin Murphy and offered exclusively at Marquee

This technique involves sewing the hair with a linen thread and needle. This cutting edge technique is much more effective than using bobby pins as the thread contains tiny lubrications that catch onto the hair allowing for the creation of more elusive, contemporary looks which require a more un-done, texturised finish.

Marquee can sew your hair into an effortless style with intricate braided and roping effects! Fancy a flower, feather or jewellery in your hair? Then this is the answer to holding your hair embellishments firmly and seamlessly in place especially if you want to create boho inspired looks that are also perfect for festival season!

And the best bit – when it comes to taking out your do, the thread pulls through the hair like unraveling a hem on a dress. No more hundreds of bobby pins to remove at the end of the day, or night!

Step 1

Centre part the hair and spray Kevin.Murphy Fresh.Hair to add some texture through the hair. Take a small piece of hair at the front of the head and split into two, tying in a knot.

Step 2 

Take the ends of the knot and put them together  in your right hand and take a new piece of hair with the left. Tie another knot…..repeat with alternate hands until you get to the nape of the neck and clip to hold the ends secure.

Step 3

Repeat on the other side of the head. Unclip the ends of the other side and tie both pieces in a knot. Repeat until there is no hair left to knot and tuck in loose ends into the middle.

Step 4

Taking your sewing kit. Thread the needle through the hair 4 or 5 times to create tension. Do not create a knot! Sewing the hair roughly through the knotted hair and against the head to secure, repeat all the way up created a roped effect that resembles a boho braid.

Step 5 

Snip the end of the thread and tuck into the hair! And there you have your finished look!