Treatments to Try: Best lash extensions in Dubai, Traditional Balinese massage & a Milk Peel

May 5


Get some of the best lashes in Town.
What: Eyelash extensions at The Cure
Where: The Cure in Dubai Media City
The atmosphere: The treatment room was right by the reception so I literally came in and came out of the salon, which is always nice for privacy reasons.
The experience: As soon as I entered and I wiped my hands with a cold towel, I was taken to the treatment room where Julie asked me whether I wanted a dramatic or natural look – I told her what I wanted, and she just got it. It was comfortable, and I slept through it which was lovely. I woke up with a slight tingle (nothing like other glue fumes I’ve experienced).
Final note and results: I was very happy with my lashes and the natural look, yet still made me feel like I was wearing lashes. There’s nothing worse than lash extensions that need mascara! I was also in a rush and gave Julie an hour and 15 minutes (they usually finish in 2), so I was pretty impressed with her finishing in one. I came back two weeks later for refills even though my lashes were quite full and never needed a mascara during that time.
Recommended therapist: Julie
Cost: AED500 for a new set and AED350 for a refill
Extra notes:
-The lashes are by Korean brand, Blink (the Asians do it the best with lashes)
Recommended rating: 9.5/10


For some Sweet Almond pampering.
What: Almond manicure at Tips and Toes Salon
Where: Tips and Toes, Business Bay (They have them around town)
The treatment: After a hand soak (cold water, which I wasn’t very happy about), the nails were filed with cuticle work before the fun stuff. A sweet almond scrub that smells that prepped and softened the skin before wiped off by a hot towel. This was followed by a mask (which was more like pure sweet almond oil), which was applied on the skin before a hot towel was wrapped all over to help it penetrate into the skin. The treatment ended with a massage using the range’s cream.
Results: Soft, and sweet smelling hands!
Recommended therapist: Melody
Cost: AED135
Extra notes:
-Pair with a head, neck and shoulder massage for AED100 with Cherie.
-Tips and Toes also sell the range.
Recommended rating: 9/10


Indulge in a traditional Balinese massage.
What: Traditional Balinese massage at Caracalla Spa
Where: Caracalla Spa, Royal Meridien Hotel
The treatment: Gentle stretching and acupressure (thumb pressure) that stimulates the flow of blood and energy as well as enhances relaxation.
Results: Incredibly relaxed and energised (the treatment started with a foot soak, scrub and pressure massage on the feet which was lovely)
Recommended therapist: Aoy
Cost: AED525 for an hour
Extra notes:
-The spa is very simple and straight to the point, nothing fancy.
-They use Elemis oils and products. (Aoy used the Destressing massage oil from Elemis)
-I was greeted with a cold towel dates, and finished off with a mint lemonade bottle (I would have preferred tea)
Recommended rating: 8/10


A Walk in Moroccan Hammam.
What: Moroccan Hammam at Beauty Connections Spa
The atmosphere: I booked in at Beauty Connections Spa (the largest salon and spa in the Middle East) based on Sheikh Zayed Road, right next to Lime Tree Cafe
The experience: They have some of the sweetest staff at Beauty connections, so as soon as I arrived, I was shown to the Hammam area where I met my lovely therapist. I had my own changing room, where I kept the keys to for the rest of my treatment. The private Hammam room was very impressive compared to the salons I’ve been to for the hammam. It was comfortable and spacious – incredibly clean and felt quite private (I was never exposed to anyone other than my therapist during my treatment). The hammam started off with the famous Moroccan black soap applied on my skin, before my therapist went down and dirty scrubbing me with the loofah. My face was then washed and exfoliated with a face wash and scrub before getting the moisture cream mask on my skin as well as a brightening cream. My hair was washed during the process whilst on a chair and finished off with a scrub polish.
Final note and results: My skin felt incredibly soft and smooth – I also felt so white (which can be a good or bad thing depending on your preference) My only note is my skin did feel quite dry after an hour, so keep moisturised.
Recommended therapist: Najat
Cost: AED120 or AED210 for the special hammam
Extra notes: Everything about this treatment was ace, but I would ask the therapist to avoid applying face wash or scrub near the eyes – I was blinded for two minutes during my treatment, trying to get the scrub beads out of my eyes.
Recommended rating: 8.5/10

Get your hair concerns sorted with a pampering treatment.
What: Redken hair treatment at BBlunt Salon, Liberty House, Downtown Dubai
The atmosphere: I went on a weekday at noon time so it was quiet with a few consumers. BBlunt targets the Indian community as the original one is a famous salon in India.
The experience: The staff at Bblunt are sweet (and talented), so as soon as I arrived – I sat down with my stylist, Samantha to speak about my hair concerns – everything from the scalp to the ends. She then customised a treatment – mine was a shot of moisture, strength and colour maintenance to help with hydrating the ends of the hair, strengthening the dead and weak strands as well as maintaining the ombre colour. The treatment started with a shampoo on dry hair for a deeper cleanse whilst massaging into the scalp. The treatment mask is then applied to the hair with one of the best scalp massages (Samantha really does give one of the best, incredibly relaxing!). Instead of using a steamer, a hot towel is applied on the hair to open the cuticles, which I prefer more as it takes less time and less messy. The treatment ends with the Redken CAT spray to seal in everything.
Final note and results: My hair felt soft, clean and hydrated.
Recommended therapist: Samantha
Cost: AED180 for the treatment
Extra notes:
-The parking is not covered, AED10 an hour.
Recommended rating: 9.75/10


Get an instant facial.
What: Milk Peel with Rebecca Treston @ EUROMED
The atmosphere: I see Rebecca for so many things from face treatments (after seeing her, I stopped getting facials done) to laser hair removal. Based in a clinic, this is perfect for a lunchtime fix.
The experience: The skin is cleansed, before getting a double cleanse with aha (which tingles and preps the skin), the milk peel, which is a light out made out of Lactic acid is applied on the skin for literally two minutes before wiped off with a wet cloth. It tingles quite a bit when the acid is put on, but quite bearable – especially burns on any zits you have, which made me feel good knowing it was drying them out.
Final note and results: Believe it or not, immediate results. My skin felt clean, radiant, and glowing – I felt like i didn’t want to put any make up due to the skin looking perfect, even though I had slight pre breakouts. Overtime, the milk peel helps with stimulating the epidermis, improves fine ones as well as evens the skin tone.
Recommended therapist: Rebecca Treston herself!
Cost: AED600 for one – however I suggest you check if they have any current offers
Extra notes:
-This is considered a light peel, with no downtime.
Recommended rating: 10/10 – really fell in love with the treatment.


Fix Damaged hair with Biolustre.
What: Biolustre hair treatment at Marquee Salon, Arabian Ranches
The atmosphere: Marquee has a whole theatrical feel that I love – yet it’s still somehow relaxing and private.
The experience: The treatment started with my hair being washed by the Biolustre shampoo 3 times, before getting my hair dried and having the product applied to my hair (I got it done on my ends where the damage is present). Heat is then applied to the hair for it to dry up and when it eventually turns into cement (it feels like straw), the product is then washed and removed. A tingling and refreshing hair mask is then applied to the hair before getting rinsed and blow dried.
Final note and results: My hair felt instantly hydrated and healthier (and that sticks even after your next wash, which is a big difference compared to other hair treatments). One thing I LOVED a lot was the smell of the product and how my hair smelt till my next wash. If there’s one thing I dislike in hair treatments is the bad scent.
Recommended stylist: Mel
Cost: Starting at AED500
Extra notes:
-Keep some time as it does take a minimum of 2.5 hours!
-This is great for hair that is damaged from colour, dryness, breakage and frizz.
-Biolustre, an instant hair reconstructor doesn’t use any formaldehyde and infuses hair with strengthening protein keratin
-If you feel your hair can be better, there’s no issue with getting it done again (I think my hair needs one more session of Biolustre)
Recommended rating: 9/10


Give your hair an instant boost
What: Label M treatment at Toni & Guy Salon
The atmosphere: Situated in the midst of DIFC, it attracts a Downtown DIFC crowd
The experience: After arriving and being greeted by my lovely stylist, Amy – my hair was washed with Label M’s treatment shampoo and conditioner before getting the remedy treatment (which nourishes, moisturises and great for coloured hair) was sprayed on before getting washed off. After a lovely scalp massage, the hair was also sprayed with protein spray on towelled dry hair to help with UV protection.
Final note and results: The treatment was incredibly fast, and smelt very tropical. It’s great for a quick hair pick me up.
Recommended stylist: Amy
Cost: AED150
Recommended rating: 7/10


Control your blemishes.
What: Elemis BIOTEC L.E.D Blemish control facial at Cleopatras spa
The atmosphere: Cleopatra’s is the first spa I’ve ever been to and has consistently been one of the best in the city.
The experience: An hour long facial, after the skin is cleansed, the treatment used 3 different machines – the Ultrasonic vibrations, which vibrates the skin underneath to deeply cleanse, light therapy to help repair the skin and clear the complexion as well as the steamer to soothe and prep for extractions. The treatment ends with a gel mask to cool down the skin.
Final note and results: Luluk, my therapist really knows her stuff and told me about my skin’s condition – where I was breaking out due to hormones and where my skin was dehydrated. Post treatment, my skin felt great and hydrated, but it also looked fresh and dewy – I didn’t wear make up for the rest of the day!
Recommended therapist: Luluk
Cost: AED560
Extra notes:
-Luluk recommends 1 treatment every 3 weeks for a course of 6 recommended treatments
Recommended rating: 9.5/10


Stretch the tight muscles with… a Bamboo massage at Waldorf Astoria’s Spa
What: Soothing Bamboo massage at Waldorf Astoria’s spa
The atmosphere: I was there on a Thursday morning, which was quiet, relaxing and soothing. The white walls and interiors really feels very refreshing, yet luxurious and elegant at the same time.
The experience: An 80 minute treatment, my treatment took place in their gorgeous VIP room (which can also be used for couple’s massages). Before the massage, I had a foot ritual using a Bamboo scrub. The bed is incredibly comfortable, you can’t get a massage on it without passing out and I was allowed to choose between the red flower oil or their choice of fragrant oils by Serge Lutens (They are amazing, I went for the Orange flower!) I’ve never had a bamboo massage before and didn’t know what to expect – different sizes of heated Bamboo from the Philippines were used during the massage as well as a Lomi Lomi technique (a kind of Balinese), so the massage is a mix of the bamboo rolled as well as Nila’s forearms.
Final note and results: The massage was super relaxing and found myself dozing into light and deep dream sleeps during the 80 minutes. If you’re someone that uses a roller to stretch your muscles at home, the bamboo is similar but smaller, so it’s more specific and the heat allows your muscles to melt. Great if you regularly workout.
Recommended therapist: Nila from Brazil! she is super sweet.
Cost: AED625
Extra notes:
-Great for stubborn muscle tension and removing negative ions from the body.
Recommended rating: 9.75/10