5 minutes with… Alexandra Burke

April 29
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One of my favourite X Factor winners, Alexandra Burke was recently in town to perform at the Global Gift Gala hosted by Eva Longoria. During her stay, I had the chance to head to her hotel room before hair and make up to have a casual chat on her beauty routine and getting involved with such a great cause. FYI such a down to earth and beautiful (inside and out) lady.

How does it feel to be in Dubai?
It feels amazing, it’s my 4th time here, it feels incredible..

Has it always been for work?
No, the first time we ever came, we were in transit to go back to Bahrain and our stop was in Dubai before we went on to the UK – that was the first time. Last year I came in November to surprise my mom and my aunt, I sent them here for a holiday and then I spent a few days with them – Then last week for Movida and this time for the Global Gift’s always a pleasure to be here.

What are your thought in Dubai and the Region?
I love Dubai and everyone here is very friendly. I have some friends who live here, so having people show me around like Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates. Last week I stayed at the Atlantis hotel but there’s so much I want to do like the sand dunes – when I come back next year I want to spend at least 10 days!

How is it working with the Global Gift Gala?
I’m yet to be deeply involved with whole cauce but at the end of the day for me what Eva’s (Longoria) doing is amazing. When I saw her in London and I saw Ricky martin give his speech – just the fact what they are doing, helping people is overwhelming to even hear them talk about it. What really touched me was, when Eva was talking about her sister and she gave a story about her sister, when she went to school and someone stole her sister’s jacket and the reaction her sister gave was, “that person must had been cold”. The story touched me – to have some compassion is a beautiful thing and secondly to give back is a greater thing. Eva is a very inspiring woman and so is Ricky, they are both doing great things. Hopefully I’ll be able to get in a little deeper with the charity and do a lot more to help out in any way I can.

What are some beauty products that you swear by?
At the moment, I have a really good exfoliating facial wash that’s actually made by Love your skin, a British company and they’re fantastic, I’m using ESPA, the spa brand – they are actually really good.  My main beauty tip is to drink water, stay hydrated because it shows on your skin, in your hair and everything. Of course eat vegetables as what my mom always says!

Do you take any supplements?
I take my supplements from a company that structure the vitamins based upon your lifestyle so you could tell them I need more energy, I need more brain power or better skin and they adjust it to what you need so everyone’s supplements are different. They send it to your house, you get like a month’s supply and then you do it every month.  It’s really good, I feel a massive difference when I take it.

You have lovely skin… how do you take care of it?
I usually do a skin peel like twice a year.  I suffered from really bad pigmentation a couple years ago.  I’ve been using Cosmodex for five years now, it completely clears up my pigmentation, it’s a brand and they specialize for people with pigmentation and acne.  Now I’m in a place in my life that I’m comfortable enough to not wear any makeup.

How do you keep fit?
I do a lot of yoga now and I try to be still in the gym 3 to 4 times a week. I run, do some weights, and everything in moderation.

Hair secrets?
Every 6 weeks I do a deep condition treatment, Moroccan hair oil that I swear by and KeraCare, it’s a brand that a lot of black people really use in UK.

What is your signature fragrance?
Chanel coco mademoiselle..but I started to get into the oud thing!

What are your 3 of your favorite London hangouts?
I would say at the moment Chiltern Firehouse, Coya, and W hotel… and can I name drop a restaurant here which I actually fell in love with in Dubai? its Sea fire in Atlantis, it’s a steak house, the best steak ever!!

What are you currently working on?
Working on my music… possibly a new album – I’ve recorded a lot of new songs and a tour end of next year.