Treatments to Try: Ancient foot massage, 100% natural mani, Seven star pampering, and a Four hand massage

May 9

Get an ancient foot massage… with a Padabhyanga treatment at The Oberoi Spa.

A good foot massage can sometimes be more relaxing than a full body massage. I recently booked in for a Padabhyanga treatment at The Oberoi spa – an Ayurvedic reflexology, which is an ancient massage that focuses on the marma points (points in the body where concentrated life energy is located) on the soles of the feet. It’s the perfect treatment for ultimate relaxation, improving the quality of sleep, help increase circulation and energy flow as well as boosting immunity. As soon as I arrived to the spa, I was welcomed with a hot towel and carrot ginger juice before filling a consultation form, which depicts which oil needs to be used for my treatment – I had the Pitha oil chosen for me before going straight to my treatment room. The session begun with a cucumber scrub and foot soak to relax the feet before moving to the massage bed for a 60 minute foot massage. Masa bowls that were warmed in oil were used during the massage to interact with the energy force of the foot. A great and quality treatment for the feet. The cost of the treatment is AED400.

Recommended therapist: Ila


Indulge in a luxury Spa experience… at Talise Burj Al Arab.

Having lived here for most of my life, I’ve never actually been to the Burj Al Arab spa. I recently booked in for a signature Burj Al Arab massage at Talise, an 85 minute full body massage using different techniques. Being a Talise spa, the interiors had an Arabian style with a touch of rich gold and marble. As soon as I arrived, I was greeted with a cold tower and Talise water (a mixture of raspberry and ginger), got changed and made my way to the room. I was mostly impressed with the therapy rooms – mine had a sea view with natural light, a serene view of the oceans and the sky within a floor to ceiling glass. The treatment consisted of two parts – the first part was a dry oil massage with Thai massage techniques, and the second part was an oil massage (she suggested a grapefruit essential oil as I wanted to feel energetic, but I ended up going for a nourishing Argan oil). The massage was super relaxing, strong and made me doze off from extreme relaxation. I ended the treatment with a cup of Jasmine tea and a healthy muffin. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your other half or mother, this is it.

Recommended therapist: Wan

Cost: AED990

Get an all natural manicure… with the Green Bar Manicure & Pedicure at Snob Salon & Boutique

I must say I’m impressed with the fab regional brands coming out at the moment – probably even more so within beauty. Shiffa, TFK and currently tried an all natural manicure & pedicure by a Bahraini brand, Green Bar at Snob Salon & Boutique. Be warned, if you’re getting this treatment and want to appreciate getting 100% natural products infused into your skin – make sure you’re all ok with the natural & organic smell (I definitely don’t mind it but it’s not you’re typical hand cream scents.) The Jumeirah salon have comfortable minimal couches for their mani & pedis with a vast range of polishes from CND Vinlux to Essie & Gelish. The nail treatments were started with a mist of Rosewater super blend, before a quick soak followed by the green balm on the cuticles (to soften & nourish whilst the excess were removed), moved on to the polish scrub, which is fab for baby soft skin before finishing off with an Apricot & Grapefruit oil instead of a lotion. There were two things I left impressed about – my cuticles felt a lot more moisturised than other manicures (I say it’s the balm…) and the fact that less chemicals were absorbed by my skin.

Recommended therapists: Lorna & Divina

Cost: Green bar manicure is AED125 and the Green bar pedicure is AED135


Try a four hand massage… with a  4 hand butterfly massage at So Spa at Sofitel The Palm


I recently checked out the new So Spa at Sofitel Hotel The Palm for a treatment like I’ve never done before. A full body massage, yes but four hands instead of two – which means two therapists. As soon as I arrived, I was greeted with a Chocolate Chilli tea. I was definitely impressed with the spa – large, spacious, gorgeous (with plants & minimal interiors) as well as 3 indoor pools and 1 outdoor. They have a spa for men and women, separated under the same roof.

My treatment started with a Foot soak – first with Peppermint oil infused into the water before mixing the Coconut milk. The foot soak not only works as an antiseptic, also soothes the muscles. I was then asked to lay on my stomach over the massage table – the massage started with the legs moving on to the back – whilst one lady worked on the one leg and the other working on the second using the same pressure. Imagine the feeling of a typical massage x 2 – the intensified massage really gives you the ultimate relaxation. At the beginning of the massage, I was trying to unconsciously keep up with who was doing what but soon later (in a matter of a few minutes) you forget it and really take in the massage high. If you’re wondering why the massage is called ‘Butterfly’, the technique uses two hands shaped like a butterfly using all ends and curves of the hand to get different massage pressures. The treatment ended with relaxation by the indoor pool with dried fruits & nuts with a cup of tea. What an experience. The cost of the treatment was AED1,200 and recommended therapists: Ayu & Helen.


Try a Yoga Massage… at Emirates Grand Hotel Spa

I recently went to try out Emirates Grand Hotel Spa on Sheikh Zayed road, and when choosing my massage, the first one that caught my eye was the Yoga massage, also known as the Stimulating Thai massage. A massage that consists of Stretching, bending movements using pressure points and acupressure. The hotel isn’t the fanciest but the spa was spacious and felt very Arabian – smells of Oud everywhere! I went for the 60 minute option. The massage was done with a towel over the body with no oil (super convenient) using strong pressure and stretches. The therapist was pretty much using her whole body weight which is really, really lovely if you have tight muscles like myself. I highly recommend the massage. My therapist, Oraphin was amazing – highly trained and definitely one of the best massages I’ve done in a while. The prices are also very affordable, so no breaking the bank for this one. AED350 for the 60 minute massage and AED450 for the 90 minute one.


Ease sore muscles… with a Muscle Ease massage at Mandara Spa, The H Dubai

There are times when your muscles are incredibly sore due to a long week, long hours on the computer or even rigorous workouts. The Muscle Ease massage at The H Dubai’s Mandara Spa is for you… Similar to a deep tissue, sports massage – the 65 minute massage is bespoke to your chosen pressure using their own oil, Island spice – a mix of cinnamon and ginger. The spa, which is a chain at top hotels carefully handpick their therapists from Bali and train them at the Mandara academy. The treatment started with a foot ritual, which was a foot soak with your chosen oil (I went for peppermint) followed by a scrub and foot massage) – a great way to start the rest of the 50 minutes as a full body massage. A great way to soothe tight, overworked massage but make sure to not come in when you have a tight slot, as they really like to take their time and give you a full spa experience. The treatment costs AED415

Recommended therapist: Sudiartini

Spring is here… Try a Spring Pedicure at The Nail Spa

Throughout the month of May, The Nail Spa have launched their ‘Spring Pedicure’ where if you get a pedicure using Essie’s fab new Spring colours and add a therapeutic treat – you end up getting a free manicure bottle from the new collection as a gift from the spa (which usually costs AED42). I recommend you getting the Aromatherapy Indulgence which is a 40 mins add on aromatherapy foot massage with your choice of pressure and essential oil, great for tired feet if you’re constantly wearing heels – Perfect Spring treat to yourself!

Recommended therapist: Annie