Tricks of the Trade by a Boots N.7 Make up Artist, Janet

May 20

I’m not as familiar with the Boots N.7 make up and skincare range, but I was recently educated by the ladies from the brand – really impressed with their ranges and products – and how much vitamins & goods each product has. I couldn’t leave without getting my hands on them. I got a make up look that I always love… radiant skin, brown smokey eyes with nude skin. Before going ahead with the make up look, we started with a skincare routine for my combination skin – from cleansing, followed by using their N.7 Protect & Perfect serum followed by the N.7 beautiful skin day cream (which hydrates, regulates the sebum, and has protection for UVB and UVA). Here are some tricks and product recommendations I learnt about during my session.


-Get a free foundation colour check with their Foundation matchmaker to find your perfect foundation colour by checking your pigments and skin tone.


-Their primer is fab for an airbrush finish and includes key ingredient, hyaluronic acid – N.7Airbrush away.

-Their foundations like the stay perfect foundation includes UV protection and vitamin E – to protect and nourish. Most of their products have great ingredients such as their loose powder with Vitamin B5 blends and their mascara has Natural wax to condition the lashes, and the lipliners have Vitamin E.


-Their eyeshadows are high pigmented – you can use them as a powder or add water to intensity the look.

-Their Radiant glow concealer not only hides imperfections, also works as a highlighter.

Check out the Dubai Mall branch for a wide range of products!