Talking Fashion & Beauty… with French Actress & Singer, Cécile Cassel

May 8
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When I was recently in Paris for fashion week, I met up with French Actress and single – as well as ROCHAS’ latest fragrance face, Cecile Cassel to talk Fashion and beauty. The Parisian-native Cassel not only is a well known name in France, she also appeared in the final episode of Sex and the City, as well as “Head in the clouds” with Charlize Theron and Penelope Cruz. I spoke to Cecile about fashion week, trends and what she thinks of the new Rochas designer…


Last time I interviewed you it was in Dubai, and now it is in Paris.

I am sorry about the weather, it is not the same!


Starting off, are you a fan of Paris Fashion Week?

Yes! There is always this kind of crazy atmosphere. With people from all around the world. There is always something very happy in the city during the Fashion Week and that is what I really like.


Do you like attending the shows?

Yes I do. It is always fun. It is a show. That is entertainment; that’s why I really like it.


What are your favorite places to go out during this week? Are there specific Parisian places to go? 

Well, actually I am really old school. I like to have a drink at the Café le Flore. Everybody is meeting there. The thing that I like during the Fashion Week is that you have dinners in places where you could never go if it was not for a special event. I really like that, that they open the monuments, those kind of places where you would never be able to go.


This is chilly for me coming from Dubai; how do you keep it warm?

Oh! I am used to it. I am a Parisian girl! For me it is spring now! You know, I walk a lot, so it keeps me warm.


And how do you translate your look from winter to summer?

I try always to keep some outfits from the summer during the winter. And I would put something on it. I always try to mix it because I always want to feel that I am a little bit in summer. I really like when it is sunny. I do my best! I do some mix of things and put them on together. For example I can wear a summer dress but with a big coat on top of it.


Do you follow trends?

Not really. I mean I just follow my instant mood of the day, of the moment.


Moving on to Beauty, how do you keep hydrated? My skin has been so dry this week..

I drink a lot of tea all day long. Herbal tea, green tea, Starbuck’s Chai latte! I drink all the time!


Being the face of Rochas, Le Secret, are there any tips you have with keeping fragrance lasting all day? Do you have specific pulse points that you like spraying your fragrance on?

Yes, I always do the same actually; I do it here and then I just spray in front of me and I walk through it because it is going to be all around. That’s it. And I always have a mini spray that I have in my bag. And I sometimes spray it discreetly.


What is the best beauty advice you got ever given?

If you can sleep… This is the best beauty advice ever. Sleep the most you can and be happy! Those are the best ones.


Did you get a sneak peek of the collection yet?

Oh yes! I already picked up something for the show from the collection. I am a spoilt girl.


Three words on what you think of the collection…

You know this special secret of Rochas, very feminine and at the same time classic. It is really a Parisian way. I cannot wait to see all the collection, because there is a new designer. I want to see what he has done. I really like the way he goes to the woman’s body. That is the thing I really like. You can see that he loves women; really.


Amazing. I am really excited to check this out. Thank you so much Cécile.