5 minutes with... actress & singer, Cyrine Abdelnour

May 19
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I recently interviewed the beautiful and charming actress & singer, Cyrine Abdelnour – who is about to launch her new show, ‘Seeratil 7ob’ during Ramadan with OSN. We spoke about fashion, beauty and why she doesn’t need to work out.

How would you define your style?

I am very classic. I am very simple. I like the brown colours for my make up and my hair, and I like black for my dresses.

Do you have favorite designers?

I love Valentino. I like Victoria Beckham for her ready to wear, for her dresses. I am now working with a Lebanese designer; a young Lebanese designer. His name is Antoine Kareh. I love him so much – so brave and creative.

Is there a style tip that you can share with my readers?

To be simple. Fashion is great but you need to have your own style.

What do you always carry in your bag?

My pressed powder, my mobile, a charger. My perfume and a picture of my daughter and husband.

Do you have a skin care regimen that you follow?

Yes! I keep hydrated with a cream and drinking water all day and of course to sleep 8 hours minimum.

How do you keep fit? You have such an amazing body.

I don’t know! It is from God.

You don’t exercise?