Tricks of the Trade from Illumin8's, Nickol Walkemeyer

January 15

I recently dropped by for a make up session at Illumin8 studios for a one on one make up class and session with Nickol Walkemeyer for’s 3 ways to wear December shoot. I had my make up done by Nickol for a previous shoot with Grazia Magazine Middle East (& fell in love with my make up) so I was excited for a session as well as her tips. Here are some things I learnt…


-Don’t go for a foundation darker. Use your skin tone, and then warm it up.


-Start with the cheeks first, then do everything else.


-Start bronzer at the back of your face, and work your way forward.


-Blend the edges when applying eyeshadow.


-Black is easy to add. Leave the black pencil and shadow till the end if you really need it.

– Nickol’s favourite brown pencil? MAC teddy.

photo: pinterest

-Nickol’s favorite nude? MAC myth or creme de nude.


-For the lips, tap the lipstick with your fingers to warm up the color.