Highlights of my Month: January 2014

January 16

Photo: DeseoSalon

I’m a Kevin Murphy convert. I’ve been hearing about the Australian haircare brand for some time but it’s only till I experienced the Kevin Murphy experience that I’ve realised I need it in my life. The products are sans Sulfates and Parabens, and even more importantly – Silicon (that drops your hair makes it stick to your head!). The products have skincare technology, that is used on the hair. Kevin believes that if it’s not good on your skin, then it isn’t good on your scalp either. I recently dropped by to Sera Beauty Lounge in Media City for a Kevin Murphy experience – a treatment to add moisture to my hair. Tea, my stylist added the treatment with a massage before putting it under the steamer, using the Luxury.Wash – an ultra rich shampoo for thick hair made out of Buriti Nut Oil, Vitamin A for super shiny hair and elasticity followed by the luxury.rinse. The KMX experience is just like a facial for the hair, as well as being quite relaxing and weightless on the hair. Here is a brief step by step of the KMX-

Step 1. Being exfoliation with maxi

Step2. Cleansing with the texture specific wash

Step3. Moisturizing the hair with texture specific rinse mixed with born again treatment.

Car: Volkswagen GTI Golf

I recently drove a Volkswagen GTI Golf for a weekend, and fell in love with the compact sportscar. I never found it the best looking car, but once I actually drove it and got to know it’s features – I started contemplating whether I should actually get the car. I drove a beautiful Tornado Red shade – their black shade looks very classy though! My Car & Drive highlights…

-The intense power of the car

-Sleek interiors

-High tech (Park Pilot, touch screen and Driver Alert system)

-Smooth drive

-Spacious with compartments for coffee cups and sunglass case & Comfortable seating for 4-5 pax

-Keyless entry

Riding School: Horse Riding Desert Palm

I used to horse ride when I was younger, and stopped after falling off a horse and hurting myself. After learning that Desert Palm (one of my favourite resorts here in Dubai) run horse riding classes, I had to get back into it. (PS they don’t do one off classes, you have to be coming in on a weekly basis.) I took my first 45 minute class with Mark, who was amazing at quickly running through the basics with thorough instruction. Two things that really impressed me and stood out for me was the cleanliness and professionalism of the equestrian centre. The folks there were completely professional in super chic gear, and the cleanliness of everything from the stables, to the riding hats. Also loved how the stirrups had grips on.

Accessories: Coquette 

I’m not big on fine jewellery, and love my costume jewellery. You can add a statement necklace, a bunch of cocktail rings or fab earrings and give your look that finishing touch. I’ve recently been introduced to local label, Coquette – and been wearing their statement necklaces and bright earrings (which I barely wear, but I had to with those coquette neon ones.) They also make fun sweaters – check out the collection on their Facebook page.

Take out: Man’oushe street

I love my manaeesh. I think I crave them at least once a week, and have fond memories of growing up in Dubai visiting Al Reef Bakery to pick up Manaeesh for the house. I’m so impressed with the modern take this city and other Arab countries have been giving Arabic Food. I recently learnt about Man’oushe Street, who just opened their fifth branch by Flywheel in Burj Views. The best part of it all is the fact that they also have Multi grain options for all of their Manaeesh, so you don’t feel guilty enjoying one after a workout. The restaurant is opened 24 hours, so also a great option after a night out. However, best of all – Other than their fab interiors and typography – is their actual manaeesh. Doughy, Delicious and Delightful. My favourites were the Feta Mix (Feta cheese with vegetables) followed by a Nutella & Halawe (deadly, so so good!). They also have other options of food such as wraps, pizza, and salads. Highly recommended.

Fitness: Gold’s Gym

I love Boutique fitness studios, but aware that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re looking for gym chain options for machine workouts, Personal training and General Fitness classes – Gold’s Gym is one to check out. I recently booked in for a Personal training session at their Al Barsha Mall branch with Avantika Shah, one of their top Female trainers. My hour long training session took place at the mixed gym at Al Barsha Mall, and consisted of a 5 minute warm up on the treadmill followed by dynamic stretches (the cat and the camel) to workouts from the larger muscles to the smaller ones. Avantika mentioned that most of her clients come in to work different parts of the body during different sessions, but because I wasn’t a strength training regular, we did a full body workout. My session started with squats, lunges and leg curls to pull downs and push ups with machine workouts in between. One thing that I was impressed with was the cleanliness of the gym.

PS they have a mix of Female and mixed gyms so make sure to check them out.

Juice cleanse: The Bean Machine

New year, new changes. After a long and busy year, there’s nothing better than signing yourself up for a detox to say goodbye to the toxins in your body – which we get from the air and the processed foods we eat on a regular basis. Some people like doing juice cleanses to shed off the extra pounds, but I like adding some supplementary juices to my diet in order to feed myself the nutrients I need. I recently signed up for The Bean Machine’s 3 day juice program (they also have a 7 day and a 14 day one), which included two deliveries every day – the first one is in the morning followed by 2 juices dropped over in the afternoon. I liked the concept of two deliveries a day because of the fact that you were sure those juices were fresh as you drank them rather than bottled and sealed. The juices aren’t exactly as tasty as your juice bar drink but at least sacrificing the taste for the nutrients felt good enough. Please note I didn’t do the program by just having juices, I had them supplementary to my meals.

The cost of the 3 day program is AED180 and can be booked via


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