Tried & Tested: BLOW-DRIES in Dubai. (Part One)

January 12

I constantly get emails and questions from women asking me for recommendations on where to get blow-dries in Dubai… I scoured the city, tried different blow-outs in different areas, different salons with different prices. Check out my round up below. Let me know if you have one you think should be added to the list, or what you need help finding.


For… the BEST blow-dry.

What? Blowdry at Jetset

Where? They have salons all over the city. I’ve heard people’s preferred branch is Grosvener house but I prefer Palm Strip due to location.

The Process: A wash as soon as I arrived using delicious Kerastase products as well as a head massage. (plus points)

Experience: Nadim, my stylist didn’t exactly have a smile nor talkative (which I like… I can read my magazines, relax and check emails). He had an assistant stylist help out, which sped up the blow-dry followed by the curls he did with a curler.

Refreshments? I was asked if I wanted a cup of coffee, and was offered the latest magazines from Vogue UK, Vanity Fair to Local magazines – wish more salons had great magazines. They even offered to place my bag in one of their compartments. A very thought out salon… Go Negin Fattahi-Dasmal!

Results: My hair was perfect on day one – lasted all night. Day 2, it dropped slightly, but still good to keep.

Recommended stylist: Nadim

Products used: Kerastase

Price: AED 180

Stars: 5/5

FOR… A winning Hotel blowout.

What? Blowdry at Zouari Salon

Where? Royal Mirage Hotel, Dubai.

The Process: I got my hair washed in the shower chair that has a massage chair, and got a head massage with the wash. Super relaxing! My hair was blow-dried followed by a curling iron.

Experience: I was taken care of by Rami and the rest of the team. I got asked if I wanted something to drink, and asked the Rami, my stylist for curls with volume and it’s exactly what I wanted. I just wish they had a wifi (which they didn’t have, even though it’s a hotel.)

Results: LOVED it. It was just as perfect the day after.

Recommended stylist: Rami, the head stylist.

Products used: Kerastase

Price: Between 200-300 AED depending on length

Stars: 5/5


FOR… The Jumeirah Jane Blow-out.

What? Blowdry at Belle Femme Salon

Where? They have branches around the UAE, but this one was at their Jumeirah branch.

The Process: Had my hair washed as soon as I arrived – I got a soothing massage with the conditioner, which is a plus. My hair was then blow-dried and curled with a curling wand.

Experience: Comfortable soft chairs and served coffee.

Results: My hair slightly dropped, but I was very happy with the hair on day one.

Recommended stylist: Randa

Products used: L’Oreal and Redken

Price: AED 180

Stars: 4/5

FOR… A soft non-fuss blowdry.

What? Wash & Blow-dry at Hairworks

Where? They have a few different branches around the city, but this time I went to their chic space on Beach Road next to Animal World.

The Process: I got my hair washed in their wash room (they have a section for the hair wash) on their comfortable, simple and minimal shower chairs followed by a Kerastase mask and massage.

Experience: Great – the ladies are super sweet and Lulu, the stylist who moved from the UK last year is a gem. My hair was blow-dried followed by slightly getting curled using round brushes.

Refreshments? Yes

Results: Sleek, soft finish with soft retro curls, but due to them being soft, they do fall down quite fast.

Recommended stylist: Lulu

Products used: Redken, L’Oreal & Kerastase.

Price: AED150

Stars: 4/5

FOR… the Lebanese hairdressers in Dubai.

What? Wash & Blowdry at Hush Salon.

Where? I did it at The Address Dubai Mall, but they also have a branch in Wafi.

The Process: Went straight into wash when I arrived, I didn’t get a head massage but the massage chair has a leg lift and massager built in.

Experience: My hairstylist, Hassan from Lebanon was super sweet. He started my hair with a blow-dry followed by curling using hair tongs. The salon didn’t have great magazines, but had a TV built in within the mirrors that kept me entertained in between emails.

Results: I was happy with the soft curls in my hair, but felt like there was no volume. I was still able to go out with my hair the next day even though the curls were softer.

Recommended stylist: Hassan

Products used: Redken & L’Oreal

Price: AED 200

Stars: 3.5/5

FOR… A blowout after a shopping trip.

What? Wash & blow at Sugar Urban Spa

Where? Sugar Urban spa at Mall of the Emirates, which is a convenient location – they also have a branch in JLT.

The Process: I wanted a Kate Upton retro hair do and Ayman completely understand right away, used some curling tongs and went for the look I wanted exactly.

Experience: The Shower and hair chairs were super uncomfortable, but stylist, Ayman was super sweet and insightful.

Results: Didn’t last as long as I would’ve loved it to, but still looked presentable for the next day.

Recommended stylist: Ayman

Products used: Redken and L’oreal.

Price: Starting at AED150

Stars: 3.5/5

FOR… Volume at the roots.

What? Blowdry at Machka Beauty

Where? Al Wasl road, right next to J3 Mall.

The Process: a Wash, blow-dry followed by a curling iron

Experience: Cosy feel, the Jordanian-American owner is usually in and out speaking to clients.

Refreshments? yes

Results: Great blowout from Mona, the curls die down completely after around 5 hours, but the volume stays.

Recommended stylist: Mona

Products used: Redken

Price: AED 150

Stars: 3.5/5