5 minutes with... Grace Woodward.

December 4
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I recently had the chance to interview another favorite stylist of mine… With the Clothes Show Live taking place later on this week, I took some time to speak to super stylist, Grace Woodward on her career, fashion blogs and the Middle East.

Hi Grace, How did your career as a stylist come about?


I think it was somewhat by process of elimination.  I am a creative person and so there are many things I could have channelled that into. I went to Camberwell Art School for a foundation course  – whilst there I realised that I wasn’t going be a fine artist by a long stretch, so I specialised in textiles. This led me to the London College of Fashion where I did a BA in Fashion Promotion. When we did the very rudimentary bit on styling I thought, yep this is what I want to do. It took me a while to get up the confidence to actually do it. So I worked at Agent Provocateur for four years. Inspired by Joe Corré and Serena Rees – I wanted to do something of my own – finally then I thought I was going to burst if I didn’t do something about it. So I left and naively threw myself into it.


-What is your styling personality?


I went to see Penny Martin when she was at Showstudio, she said that she thought I was preoccupied by the bourgeoisie. I guess for me fashion both how I express myself through what I wear and my work is about creating fantasies, the realities in my life were quite harsh and so it became way of becoming someone else, escapism.  Grunge was a horrid aesthetic, it was just too real and gritty for me and reminded me of bad times.  There are a few women in my work  – characters that keep coming up, The Dancer in particular. Like glamour in both a dark and really obvious way too.


-What are your thoughts on fashion blogs?


I think the internet has been a great way to open up what was once a very elite world. Previously a handful of people dictated what the rest of us should be wearing. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and using a blog you can express it. I think it is seen as quite a cool thing to do, i wonder about longevity. I see lots of press releases also being regurgitated in some way or another and so there are more people talking about the same thing, which can seem quite suffocating. I’d never have the confidence to start a blog on what I wear every day, I think it quite arrogant in a way but none the less I admire the chutzpah

-What is your perfect daytime look?


That is like saying what is your favourite film or favourite record. Most of the time when I’m at home I will knock around in sports gear  – Nike running leggings or shorts and an Isabel Marant or Alexander Wang or Westwood T shirt. If I’m going out on the hunt for a bargain then just jeans, old Chanel flats and a T then coat or jacket, I really love coats. I’m thinking about opening a store that specialised in just those working title Mrs Coatywoaty!!!


Myfashdiary is based in the Middle East. Any plans to visit soon?


Not right now but I’d love to visit, so I’m open to offers.


-Could you let us know more about your work with Clothes show live?


I am hosting the UK’s largest catwalk show in the Suzuki Fashion Theatre at Clothes Show Live for the second year now.  This year I’m looking forward to working with Henry Holland as my co-host.  The theme for the show is ‘At The Heart of British Fashion’ and it is really a celebration of British fashion at its finest. The fact that so many people can come, get excited, see a brilliant theatrical, catwalk extravaganza (which is actually more fun than fashion week the trade show) is great.

-What is next for Grace Woodward?


Oh such a big question! I’m yearning for making, so I’d like to design some glasses for me and everyone else and I have a book idea!!


Clothes Show live takes place from 7-11 December at NEC Birmingham. For more information visit