5 minutes with... Montblanc's Managing director.

November 7
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This week, I interviewed high end jewelry brand, Montblanc’s Managing director, Susie Otero on her work for Montblanc, the luxury industry, jewelry trends, and fashion blogs.

How did your work with Montblanc commence?

I left Cartier to join Boucheron and then eventually created my own jewelry line. At the beginning of 2011, I was called by Richemont. They asked if I would be interested in developing the jewellery collections for Montblanc, based on my history with Richemont and my past experience. The challenge sounded very exciting, so I happily accepted.


Did you always know you wanted to work in the luxury industry?

Not directly, because I had studied economics and law in university and had originally planned to be a lawyer. One day, a friend of mine who was working for a head hunting company convinced me to visit her at her office. It was through this friend – and by chance really – that I joined Cartier, and I absolutely loved it. Even though I studied law, I always loved to draw, to invent, to create… I dreamed of becoming a fashion designer when I was a teenager, but my parents wanted me to study else. I have always loved everything fashionable, accessories, etc. so luxury and creating were always things that interested me.


What are the jewellery trends we should be keeping our eyes peeled out for?

My personal impression is that jewellery trends are moving towards a more subtle look of understated pieces. This doesn’t mean that people will buy less luxurious items though; it may be that the items they are choosing are just less striking to the regular onlooker. When you develop your luxury sensitivity or knowledge, you tend to go for less flashy pieces and instead for more essential, personal and quality pieces. This doesn’t mean less exciting or exquisite, but more of a refined luxury. For me this is a trend that has already begun and I believe it will continue.


What are your thoughts on fashion blogs?

I like fashion blogs because they are a kind of democratization of fashion, creating the freedom to speak about new trends and what people like and don’t like. Fashion blogs are really interesting because it allows anyone that is interested in fashion to express their opinions. Bloggers are always looking for things that are unique and they tend to bring to light some designers that are not very well known. This openness of information and fashion is excellent, because it really brings a more controversial spirit to the world of fashion.


I’d love to hear more about the Infiniment Vôtre (Infinitely Yours) collection launching globally very soon? 


The Infiniment Vôtre Collection is the latest addition to Montblanc’s fine jewellery for ladies and was launched globally in September 2012. Drawing inspiration from the most powerful and passionate of all emotions, Infiniment Vôtre celebrates everlasting love. When people are in love, they want it to last forever, so in this collection I wanted to represent and speak about endless love – after all, it is the most important thing in life.


Embodying commitment and endless romance, the highlight of this collection’s motif is the infinity symbol, whose gracefully intertwining curves have neither a beginning nor an end. This infinity motif is something very strong, not only for love but also, for example, family. When people have children, they pass on a chain of never ending things, ideas, feelings, etc. Then your children have their own children and it is a kind of infinite chain of life and love.


I took the classic infinity motif and gave it a slight edge. I tried to give a specific strength to the symbol – it’s sharp in a way, but soft and sensual at the same time. You will notice that the infinity symbol is not completely symmetric. This asymmetry was done purposely because I believe that in life nothing is symmetric or perfect. The asymmetry also represents two sides of a relationship, which are connected but not exactly the same. The way I treated the curves is the same but proportionally they are not identical.  Throughout each piece of this collection, the infinity symbol is highlighted by a brilliant diamond, set within the Montblanc star emblem.


The entire collection comprises six exquisitely crafted pieces in precious pink gold – beautifully curved infinity earrings, a delicate gold chain necklace, a bracelet with a delicate infinity symbol, a pendant, a bangle and a ring – each a contemporary token of endless love, loyalty and friendship that can be worn everyday but treasured forever.