5 minutes with... Preen's Creative directors!

January 27
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This week, I spoke to the designers, Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi behind one of my favorite London-based brands, Preen! No one does prints great mid length pieces like Preen… I spoke to the designers on what ‘Preen’ actually means, how is it working with a partner, and why they have been showing at New York fashion week.

Preen is available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Dubai.



What does ‘Preen’ mean? Preen refers to preening, the act of a woman making herself beautiful.

Do you ever argue at work? We sometimes disagree on things but we would never go ahead with something that the other one would dislike.

You show in New York & London – Why both? We moved our show to New york to gain International exposure but London Fashion week is now stronger than ever and it’s great to have the opportunity to be back home.

What makes a great working relationship? Trust, respect and strong communication.

Do you still talk work when you get home? We try to keep our family life separate from work.

What are your thoughts on blogs and social media? It’s heavily influential in all business today, especially fashion. We ensured that our new website had a very interactive format with connections and links to a variety of social media.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? We don’t have any…