5 minutes with... Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant!

August 18
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photo credit: Palma kolansky

This week, I had the chance to speak to my favorite costume designer… Janie Bryant of Mad Men! We spoke about the ‘Mad Men trends’, how to get a Mad men look, tips for aspiring costume designers, Fashion blogs and Dubai! She also answers a reader question from Hafsa – Enjoy!
Janie Bryant’s website & Official facebook page.


Men has inspired fashion trends, retailers and women worldwide. Did you ever expect this?

I never expected the huge popularity that the Costume Design of Mad Men would have, but I am not surprised that the world is having a love affair with the look, just as I do everyday. I think that audiences see these gorgeous costumes onscreen and romanticize them, wanting the look and feel of the characters. This is especially true of the costumes for Mad Men, as the costumes are vibrant, gorgeous, and full of life. Audiences want this glamour and beauty in their own lives and are seeking to recreate it in their everyday style.

For the women hoping to incorporate a Mad Men inspired look this season in a subtle way – what tips would you give them?

Maybe you have a favorite mod cape or mini dress like Megan, or perhaps you are more classic and love the body-hugging sheath dresses of the fabulous Joan. Whatever your style, I like to find one statement piece to steal the show, complementing the rest of the ensemble with subtle pieces.


What advice would you give aspiring costume designers?

Do what you love, believe in yourself, and trust your instincts. Experiences and journeys of others are interesting but believe in your own truth. Whatever advice anyone is giving you, it is only from their own perspective (including mine); you have to create your own path.


-Do you read fashion blogs?

 YES!  I love to read many fashion, film and travel blogs for inspiration and unique ideas and only wish I had more time to follow them regularly.


-Myfashdiary is based between London & Dubai… have you ever been to Dubai – any future plans?

I would LOVE to go to Dubai! I don’t have any plans in the near future to travel to there, but I will have to plan a collaboration or event that takes me to your amazing golden city soon.


-What are your top 3 style haunts around the world?

1) The markets of Morocco

2) Royal Street in New Orleans, Louisiana

3) Vintage Expo in New York City


-What are you currently working on?

I am currently acting as Brand Ambassador for Maidenform and just designed their 90th Anniversary vintage-inspired lingerie and shapewear capsule collection. I also am spokeswoman for Downy Wrinkle Releaser, for which we just published a fabric care guide.  In the coming months I will be designing Mad Men as well as designing a few capsule collections of modern garments and accessories. Stay tuned at and the Janie Bryant public Facebook page for updates on all my projects.


-Reader Q from Hafsa: a Q I’d ask is whether she’s deliberately tried to emphasize the curves of the actresses and make them as womanly as possible?

In all my costume designing, I am committed to making the costumes as authentic as possible.  I use authentic undergarments, which tend to create body shapes that are different from those of modern women.  This is especially true of Mad Men where I have my actresses wear all the right undergarments from stockings, to girdles, to 1960s vintage bras, which create that curvaceous hourglass figure so iconic of this time period.