5 minutes with… Mark Fast!

August 10
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This week, I had the chance to speak to one of my favorite knitwear designers who also happens to be London based… Mark Fast! Mark has come out with a fab body wear range in collaboration with Jonathan Aston! I spoke to Mark about his inspirations, the collaboration, what makes a good body wear piece as well as his thoughts on blogs. Enjoy!

-What inspires you?
Music! It is necessary to survive creatively and emotionally every day.

-How did the collaboration with Jonathan Aston come about?
I was approached to design a range for the brand. I love hosiery and knew it would be perfect to expand my interests into the high street. More people can have access to good hosiery with this collaboration. I am working on some very new innovations and know there will be many fans of it.

-What makes a good bodywear piece?
The quality and finishing is important. It is all about the fit and fabric. If you get that right, you are away!

 -What are your thoughts on fashion blogs?
I wish some bloggers would put some effort into the layout of their online presence.
Some of the sites look as cheap as their un-researched comments. I still only read the sites of the bloggers that I know have integrity.

-What is London’s best kept secret?
The Corinthia Hotel Spa.  

-What are you up to this summer?
going to Canada to spend time with my family at our cottage.