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How to... Upgrade your shopping experience.

August 17

How to upgrade your shopping experience buying the perfect capsule wardrobe for
the season

Upgrading your wardrobe from season to season is exciting, but it does get stressful at
times. Spending on what we don’t need, that ends up staying unworn at the back of our
closets is a huge no-no! So for my latest GALAXY ESSENTIAL UPGRADES feature,
I will be sharing tips on how to upgrade your shopping experience buying the perfect
capsule wardrobe for the season.

-Just like anything else, Planning is key. Write a list of what you want, would like and
need in your wardrobe. Then cut them down to 2-3 max trend led pieces followed by
staples that will never go old.

-Do your homework! Read Magazines/blogs finding out which stores have pieces you
like in store rather than tiring yourself out visiting all the stores on the high street.

-Take your time and shop alone – you want to stay focused!

-Don’t buy a piece because it’s a trend, does it work on your body? If you’re not sure, ask
a close friend or family member

-Wear something easy and be comfortable (shoes and easy comfortable clothes)

-Once you get tired/bored, call it a shopping day. Stay fresh and keep hydrated!

-Make sure you LOVE the piece, not LIKE. This leads to impulsive buys.

-Note to self: A sale doesn’t make it a wise buy

-If you love something, make sure you can think of 3-5 ways you can wear the piece.

-Try on a piece in different lights; Most stores don’t have general lighting so this would
help by making a wise choice.

-Last but not least, Have fun! The above are some shopping inspirations for Spring/
Summer ’12.

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