Fash Fitness: Pure Barre, NYC

July 6
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I am obsessed with Barre, and I love how every Barre studio is quite different yet keeping to the Barre concept. If you’re not too familiar with Barre, it is a ballet-inspired workout that works out your muscles to exhaustion (believe me, I never feel my thighs burn with any other workout!) Followed by a stretch to ever muscle worked.  I love how the exercises work out the smaller muscles we usually forget about.  I recently visited Pure Barre’s newly opened (and only) franchise in NYC –  which is a cosy Barre studio off columbus square. The class was super spacious with an intimate number of students which I liked (most of the Barre studios I’ve visited previously do have quite packed classes so it is a little difficult whilst doing mat work.) The teacher was great with making sure we were holding the right positions (with Barre, a tiny move can make all the difference!)

A full body workout with fab music, and also includes a reasonably longer arm workout followed by the thighs and core. Those hip pretzel workout definitely work your obliques, definitely a focus area we like working on… Woke up the next day with sore thighs, obliques and bums -for a girl that works out regularly, a great sign that I have worked on different muscles!

I also had the chance to speak to the co-owner of Pure Barre NYC, Kaitlin Vandura – I spoke to her about opening Pure Barre NYC, all about Barre and why there has been a huge buzz about it!

-How did you come about opening Pure Barre?  
After graduating from Wake Forest University I took the safe route and went straight into banking, assuming that was the right path for a recent graduate with a degree in Economics.  At first I enjoyed the fast paced environment but eventually the work became less challenging and I realized I wasn’t passionate about the product.  I had been an avid dancer growing up and was a member of the Dance Team in college so I decided to pursue my Pilates certification and began teaching part time.  When the opportunity to teach at Pure Barre in Charlotte, NC came up I knew I could not let it pass me by.  When my husband was transferred to New York City I decided there was no way I could move without Pure Barre and applied to start my own franchise.  My partner and co-owner Leslie Coakley had similar aspirations and we decided to team up in the endeavor.

-For someone that doesn’t know what Barre is – how would you explain it in one sentence?  
Using small isometric movements at the ballet barre set to motivating music, Pure Barre lifts your seat, tones your thighs, abs and arms and burns fat in record breaking time.

-Why do you love Barre?  
Pure Barre is exceptional because you see results fast – usually in about 10 classes.  As a busy person who’s always on the go, having a 55 minute workout that targets women’s trouble spots in 3-4 classes a week is as beneficial to me as it is for our clients!  I can definitely attest that Pure Barre has transformed my body which is why we are so excited to share it with NYC.  Pure Barre is also an awesome community of exceptional teachers and clients who inspire me (and make me smile) on a daily basis.

-How many classes do you recommend women to sign up for?  
3-4 times minimum per week for the best results.

-Pure Barre is all over the states – have you ever thought of expanding? If so, where would you open the first international Pure Barre studio?  
Pure Barre is a franchise led by Founder & CEO Carrie Rezabek Dorr so the opportunities to expand are vast and will continue to inspire entrepreneurs for a long time.  Leslie and I hope to one day expand in the NYC area.  As for an international Pure Barre…that would have to be the collaboration between Carrie and the corporate team and a dedicated owner!  It would be an awesome opportunity for the company!

If you’re in NYC, or visiting anytime soon, definitely a studio worth booking in for! The studio also sells Barre workout gear as well as Pure Barre merchandise. For more, click here