5 minutes with… Rebecca Taylor!

July 5
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The super talented and one of my favorite designers, Rebecca Taylor was recently in London and I had the chance to speak to her about her London, her summer wear, fashion blogs, and what she is currently up to! 

How is your stay in London? what do you love about London?
It was lovely!  Everything- I always say I would move here if it was not for the weather.  I love the culture, the food, the restaurants, the history….I can go on and on….


Summer is approaching – what will you be wearing?
I dress slightly bohemian in the summer time, you will probably find me in Victorian-esque cotton dresses at my Shelter island home.


Do you read fashion blogs?
Actually I do, there are a few I really like…


What is NYC’s best kept secret?
There are quite a few, but if I have to name one Smith and Mills is a really cute bar-great to meet friends for after work drinks.  Also, Mick Margo is a really cool store and carry’s the best European designers.


What are you currently up to?
Well, we are opening up 4 new retail stores this summer including our biggest store yet on Madison Ave.  There are many great happenings with Rebecca Taylor at the moment.