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July 2
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I recently visited the DeRose Method studio in London. They name themselves as the finest yoga studio in London & I agree. Personally, I do prefer Pilates over yoga (except for Bikram yoga – which I love) but I heard about the DeRose Yoga method and thought I had to book myself in for a class. A concept I read about whilst browsing the net. The studio is based in south kensington (they do have them in other cities too – check out the link below for more).

What is DeRose Method?
A proposition emphasising quality of life, good manners, good human relations, good nutrition, fitness and culture. Some of the tools we use are respiratory re-education, stress management, organic body techniques that improve muscle tone and flexibility, and exercises that enhance emotional relaxation and mental concentration. All of this, ultimately, aimed at expanding consciousness and self-awareness.

The perfect place to head over after a long day. Relaxed cosy studio smells of cleanliness (mix of a spa and florals), queit and relaxing. The staff are very informative and super friendly (always a great thing) I was taken care of the second I entered the studio…

On to the class, I took part in the introductory class taught by the lovely, Sonia. What I loved about the studio is the fact that the classes are very small – I only had one other student in my class! and the teachers are super hands on. I never felt lost or unable to complete the class… It included a range of stretches and postures, which we were only told to do at our ability.

After the class, I felt so fresh and relaxed post class and finished off with a gala apple 🙂