MySnackDiary: Pop Chips.

May 19

Before I go further, I must admit. I like chips, but not the biggest chips fan (that is my sister… I’m more of the candy, cakes and frapps snack kinda girl!) so when I do have chips, I’m craving something savory, I like yummy chips – the likes of Doritos, Pringles and Ruffles. I recently came across a great chips brand – that is not only yummy, but not as bad for you (a plus!)

why I love?

-Baked, not fried. Natural

-Not like I count calories, but a bag under 100 cals does make it even more worthwhile…

-They are also pretty cool, and had Ashton Kutcher star in their latest campaign.

My personal favorite? sour cream and onion! For full stockists, click here

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