MySnackDiary: Joe & Sephs

May 16

Gourmet popcorn, with the most original and interesting flavors! They have a range of flavors depending on your craves and tastes. The popcorn is also the ‘finest air popped corn’ and defines the word ‘Gourmet popcorn’. Overall, one of the best popcorns I’ve had… and I’ve had a lot.

-Strawberry Cheesecake: It sounded super interesting but I thought it would either taste perfect and original or artificially wrong. Verdict? tastes heavenly. It reminded me a little of captain crunch mixed with caramel in the most perfect way possible.

-Goats cheese: The taste is quite strong – great for people who love Goats cheese. however, I think I will stick to Cheddar cheese

-Salted caramel: one of my favorites, obsessed with anything caramel…

What I must try… Toffee & apple!

time to head to harvey nicks… for full stockists, check link below!

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