Fash Fitness: Zaggora pants!

January 30
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What is Fitness without the perfect Fitness gear?

There has been a huge buzz around those pants so I was really eager to actually try them on for myself. Zaggora sold over 275,000 pairs within 5 months. The pants are supposed to harness the heat inside in order to burn more calories and reduce cellulite. I’m more of a pilates girl with a little cardio on the side so I decided to skip wearing it to pilates – 1) because the pants are quite thick… so it won’t be ideal to practice pilates in it. 2) I don’t sweat in pilates.

So, I decided to wear it to a body attack and Kangoo class. I didn’t really know what to expect… What I loved about them was that, even though they look like sky diving suits once you look at them, they actually didn’t look bad once I put them on- ran a few errands in them after the gym and they’re super comfortable. However, once you remove the pants, you do feel like the heat has been bottled inside and you’ll feel like you just came out of the pool. My legs felt super soft, so I would think they would be great for someone that wanted to reduce their cellulite. I don’t sweat very easily, so I also suggest it for someone who doesn’t as you get to release all the toxins as well as burn some extra calories!

Very happy with my flare pants at a very affordable cost! For more on the styles and prices, see link below.