Fash Fitness: Proskins

March 17
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A few weeks ago, Proskins sent over a pair of leggings for me to check out… Personally, I have been practicing Pilates for years now and I always have a hard time finding thin pants to wear that are comfortable and flattering at the same time. I wore those pants to a few pilates classes as well as for a jog on a nice sunny Sunday and let me tell you, One thing I loved is the fact that they are super comfortable and flattering at the same time. It also feels like you’re wearing nothing – they are tight, but not ‘my skin can’t breathe’ tight.

Proskins have caffeine, aloe vera and retinol impregnated which is supposed to soften your skin, reduce cellulite and help you burn inches. Honestly speaking, I can’t really judge if it has reduced inches or reduced cellulite but my skin feels super soft whenever I remove them after exercise and they are my new favorite sports leggings! For more, check out the link below!