5 minutes with... Shourouk.

January 30
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This week – I have an exciting interview for you! One of my favorite jewelry designers of the moment – Shourouk! I am loving the chunky pieces, the neons and they are available in Dubai – yay! The new collection has arrived to Saks, Dubai… and my prediction is – they will be flying off the shelves very soon. Check out my mini interview with the lovely designer on her collection, inspirations, statements and of course, blogs!


Hi Shourouk, I LOVE your accessories! did you always know this is what you wanted to do?
I have not always known that I wanted to do accessories but looking back now I can tell that I have always payed a lot of attention to details. I am really sensible to the ornements on an outfit, it goes from a beautiful pair of shoes, an intricate embroidery, to the accumulation of bangles on a wrist. For me, one tiny detail can make a strong look. All those things, I think led me to design accessories.

I love the colors you use – what inspires you?
I am a big fan of the 80s, so I’ve always cherished pop colors! I also get inspired during my trips in Asia, when you go to bombay for exemple, you witness an explosion of colors in any part of the city.  The coloring is  a really important of my designs, I wanted particular colors I couldn’t find on the market, so we come up with our own technique and now we create our own colors.

You really do know how to create a statement piece – what tip would you give on wearing statement pieces?
I think that the best way to wear a statement piece is to wear it in a casual way. For me, the real “chic” is to dress nonchalantly. When you buy a statement piece, you’re thinking about a night out outfit, perfect dress, high heels, shiny hair, nail polish, but all of this can be too sophisticated, faultless. I would rather twist a statement piece, wearing it on a plain, used tee-shirt, it creates a more intriguing and strong look.

Do you read fashion blogs?
As a designer, I am more a book personn, I don’t spend that much time on the internet to get inspirations. I like to buy beautiful books when I travel or read paper magazines like Dazed and Confused, POP, I-D, and Vogue of course. I find that they have a unique approach of fashion, combined with a creative graphism.
But as girl, I will check Sea of shoes to see the last amazing pair of shoes she got, Garance doré for her writing or Style by Kling for her looks.