Travel Thursdays with Beach Tomato's Editor, KIRSTY HATHAWAY!

November 10
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If you love traveling in style, you HAVE to have Beach Tomato bookmarked… Love how the site has everything about traveling under one umbrella! This week, The editor, Kirsty Hathaway shares her top travel tips! Kirsty has worked in the fashion industry for 10 years – GQ, Vogue & Company magazines to name a few. Check out her travel tips in Style, Beauty & Entertainment below…

Comfort is first in my book. Practicality is second and then style thrown in at the end for good measure. Each season sees a new trouser trend and, luckily, over the past few years these have all come with plenty of comfort in mind. From harem pants to silk pyjama pants, these give me enough room to wriggle around (there’s a lot of that) and get comfortable without showing too much leg. I generally chuck on an Aztec poncho as it doubles up as a jacket and an in-flight, static free blanket and gives you an intrepid traveller look to boot.

Flying really takes its toll on your skin. Dehydration seriously ages you (not ideal), so to avoid stepping off the plane looking 10 years older than when you boarded, I always take Avene’s instant soothing moisture mask I tend to put it on at take off and not wash off. It sinks into the skin and keeps your skin soft and hydrated. An eye crème is absolutely essential. Estee lauder’s new idealist cooling eye illuminator not only moisturises, but the metal applicator reduces puffiness and there is a light reflecting ingredient to hide those sleep-starved bags. Three in one!  A good tinted moisturiser is a life saver to slap on before disembarking, I love Becca’s luminous skin colour as it is so light and transparent, but gives you a quick skin perfecting finish.

A friend once said that I could “fall asleep on a horse standing up”, so whether it is a train, plain or automobile, I generally manage to get a few hours kip in. The rest of the time I read. I don’t get that much time to just sit and read a book at home, so, if 30,000 feet above ground, I bask in the fact that I am un-contactable and switch off to the real world and get lost in a book. People watching is also one of the best things about travelling on the road. I love absorbing new and different cultures and watching people go about their everyday life.