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HOW TO: Manage your time!

November 10

I think I have received questions from over 100 readers asking how I manage my time… 1) I never sleep… not that you should follow in my footsteps. 2) I am quite organized with my time – which I think is hereditary (my dad manages to do so much in a day) I also live on Calendars, agendas, organizers etc (if you ever don’t know what to get me for my birthday, get an organizer 🙂 )

I’m a huge fan of Filofax – I use 3 of their organizers in PINK leather (one is also my blog diary!) They have some chic designs that have just come out & have an exciting collaboration coming out with Alice Temperley (can’t wait!)

Another brand I love? Pricier… but I also love Smythson – (love their recent collaboration with Jonathan Saunders which is worth checking out!)

now, the question is… How do YOU organize your time? share below!

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