5 Minutes with... Top Fashion PR, Zeina El-Dana!

November 6
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I’m so glad you have been enjoying my ‘5 minutes’ exclusive interviews with individuals in the fashion industry. I have featured great designers, fashion icons et al but one of the hottest jobs in the fashion world – The Fashion PR – is always one of the hardest to get interviews with because they prefer to be behind it all. Lucky for you, I recently interviewed one of my favorite PR’s in the Middle East who also fronts THE fashion names… Net-a-porter & Versace to name a few… her client list is definitely one to envy. I spoke to Zeina about the PR world, her PR agency Z7, what makes a good PR & Fashion Blogs! Thank you Zeina & keep up the amazing work – we need people like you in the Middle East… 🙂

-Hi Zeina! Firstly, why PR?
I love it! Can’t imagine myself doing anything else

 -How did starting your own PR firm come about?
I always had an entrepreneurial spirit…after many years of experience in PR, it was a natural development to launch my own agency few years ago

 -What makes a good PR?
I think you know the answer to this question better 😉 In few words, being passionate, efficient, dedicated and really loving what they do

 -Views on Fashion blogs?
Blogs are the future of communication… I love the fact that I can get up to the minute news any time of the day anywhere I am

 -Favorite Fashion city?

 -Favorite designer?
Difficult to say  : )

 -What tips would you give a designer finding the perfect PR for their brand?
I suggest they look for an agency that is specialized in fashion PR, who represents brands of similar level and has a proven record of success

 -What tips would you give aspiring Fashion PRs?
Experience is very important so they have to be patient and learn as much as they can during their internships… Though fashion PR is seen as a glamorous job, there’s a lot of hard work behind it!