5 minutes with… Jessica Michibata!

November 13
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This week, Myfashdiary speaks to one of the most beautiful women in the world – Jessica Michibata! you might know her as Jenson Button’s lady or the supermodel (she has also signed on as the face of Herbal Essences Japan!) Check out the interview below to find out her tips on maintaining healthy hair, her fitness & diet secrets as well as the advice she would give aspiring models! She also shared that she’s an avid fashion blog reader (extra points for Jessica!) Enjoy!

-Hi Jessica! You always look flawless! As you’re the face of the Herbal Essences campaign in Japan – what would be your top tips on maintaining healthy hair?
Thank you. I like to put the Herbal Essences conditioner onto my hair and wrap it with hot towel while I’m in a bath. It smells gorgeous and gives my hair a glow every time I do it!

 -You also have the perfect body! what are your fitness/diet secrets?
I try to do something everyday. Like I would go for a run out side or hit the gym for core session, or I would do yoga in the morning, or go for a swim! So I can eat whatever I want! But if I wanna lose little bit of weight, I would cut the carbohydrates for breakfast. That always works for me.

-What advice would you give aspiring models?
It is a fun job but at the same time it’s harder than you think, so you wanna make sure that it’s what you want. If you are sure, then go for it!

-Do you read Fashion blogs?
Yes! My favorites are FashionToast, The Blonde Salad & Garance Dore.

-Myfashdiary is based between London and Dubai – do you travel to the Middle East quite often?
Yes, in fact I’m going to Dubai and Abu Dhabi in 2 weeks!

 -Lastly, any exciting projects you’re working on?
I’m doing a Nike women’s marathon next year so I’ve been training a lot for it lately!

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