December 22

I’m very cautious with the way all my pieces are washed.

Upon unboxing the LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine, I was met by a simplistically stylish white machine with a large tempered black glass door. Timeless in design and durability – two crucial elements when investing in any appliance. With the glass door also boasting enamel coating, I don’t need to worry about accidental knocks or bangs damaging its beautiful design.

What I love about it from a design perspective goes beyond aesthetics. It’s smooth and easy to clean, as well as being ergonomically designed to avoid bending down and putting pressure on your joints. This level of thought behind design is unrivalled.

LG SIGNATURE have created a washing machine that not only brings your favourite pieces back to life, but also looks the part and makes everyday tasks easier. You know the drill: throwing clothes into a basket, waiting for them to pile up before you justify washing them, sitting around for a cycle to finish before you load the next, etc.

With the LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine, you get your freedom back. I’m talking about washing two separate loads, simultaneously. Say you’ve put a big load of washing into the powerful main drum and you suddenly realise your outfit for tomorrow’s party was left aside. No need to worry… The secondary drum, known as the TWINWash Mini is a pedestal washer that enables you to dedicate a separate cycle to your items that need special care. Not only does this save time, it also means you can say goodbye to fretting over whether your mixed laundry was a good idea.

With the Allergy Care setting, the TWINWash deploys Advance TrueSteam technology to reduce allergens by up to 99%. Inverter Heat Pump Drying is LG SIGNATURE’s advanced technology that rapidly gets your clothes from washed to dried in a flash. And I’m not just talking about bulky items. By using low temperature drying, even my most delicate and prized possessions were party-ready in no time.

Now all these tricks sound great, but just how easy is this machine to use? Thankfully there’s no need to be overwhelmed by complicated procedures. The TWINWash comes with a bright and modern LCD display from which both washers can be controlled with ease. There’s even a customizable element called My Pattern, which displays your frequently used cycles.

If that’s not enough, it also has SmartThinQ technology. We’re all addicted to our phones and now even laundry can be handled from the palm of your hand. The dedicated app lets you control the TWINWash remotely. I was impressed by how responsive and simple it was to use. Adding to its uniqueness is the ability to be notified when you’re running out of detergent, saving you time and stress in the long run.

When choosing appliances for your home, you should always think about quality. But quality doesn’t have to mean bulky appliances that don’t fit with their surroundings and are overcomplicated to use. With the LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine, I’ve found a washing machine and dryer that empowers me with convenience and flexibility, while complementing my understated style.
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