Design Pick: LG Signature Refrigerator

December 20

I live for food. I’m obsessed with finding the best restaurants around the world to indulge in, but I also care about what goes into my body and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

With the LG SIGNATURE refrigerator, my culinary experience at home is taken to a new level. InstaView Door-in-Door is a feature unlike any other. A sleek mirror glass panel on the face of the fridge does more than provide aesthetics. With two simple knocks on the panel, it illuminates like something out of a space age movie and showcases the contents of your fridge. This feature reduces cold air loss and keeps food fresher for longer.

One of my favorite elements is Auto Open-Door technology which, as you can probably guess, enables the refrigerator door to be opened without lifting a finger. Not to worry… It won’t simply open unannounced, the InstaView features a smart sensor detector, conveniently located by the foot of the fridge. A light projection on the floor reads ‘Door Open’. Gently stepping on it enables the refrigerator to open gently before your very eyes and reveal its prized contents. This is ideal for those moments where you have your hands full of shopping and could do with some assistance!

Adding to the magic is Auto Open Drawer, opening out each freezer drawer for easier reach to those cooling treats. But it doesn’t stop there… LG SIGNATURE has ensured that fusing innovation and elegant design remains a core feature across its range.

The InstaView has a beautiful textured finish – stainless steel which is scratch resistant and creates a sense of minimalism. Its looks aren’t simply on the surface, a stainless steel interior helps maintain cold air and provides a unified premium feel.

Now if you’ve never had fruit, veggies and cheeses buried at the back of your fridge giving your nose a tickle, I applaud you. Guilty as charged, I no longer have to worry about the balance between preserving food and protecting my senses! LG SIGNATURE’S Hygiene Fresh+ system boasts a Fresh Air Filter that encourages air circulation, whilst its dedicated fan deodorizes the air and keeps everything looking as vibrant as when you bought it.

As with the other LG SIGNATURE appliances I’ve had the pleasure of using, the refrigerator is also compatible with the innovative Smart ThinQ smartphone app. Through the use of the app, you can monitor and control the fridge with ease, changing the temperature of a dedicated area and guaranteeing your favorite snacks to be ready when you walk through the door.

With the InstaView, I’ve found the perfect refrigerator to offer me convenience during my hectic schedule and peace-of-mind knowing that my food will stay fresher and full of life for longer.

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