LG SIGNATURE – innovation meets elegance

December 26

When it comes to style, I like to make an impression. The same is true for my home.

Beyond furnishings, how do you make your home somewhere you don’t simply reside in, but also a place you love returning to and feel proud of? My experience of the LG SIGNATURE range has made me realise that you no longer need to choose between form and function – you can truly have both. By their definition, they’re home appliances, but to me, they’ve become a whole lot more.

I’ve always been a firm believer in investing and you should too. Whether it’s in an item of clothing you’ll get plenty of wear out of, or even the latest tech, the benefits are endless. By simply spending that bit extra to gain premium quality, you can live in confidence knowing your possessions will last the test of time. It may seem easier to go for the cheaper option, especially in a moment of impulse purchasing – believe me, we’ve all been there. But think about it… If you make a snap decision to go for what seems like a great deal, there’s usually a reason as to why it’s discounted. This is especially true with home appliances.

Challenge yourself. Ask whether it’s a bargain that can’t be missed, or if there’s an updated version which will serve you better. Of course, only ever spend within your means but avoid falling into the trap of multiple sub-standard purchases. It goes without saying: you work hard for your money and should spend wisely.

From the OLED TV to the InstaView fridge, LG SIGNATURE has found ways to reinvent home entertainment and convenience. What I love most is that this doesn’t come at the expense of the overall look of each appliance. Sleek glass panels, stylish and durable stainless steel – all as standard in LG SIGNATURE’s range. Even the TWINWash and Air Purifier each come with their own unique design features, health benefits and captivating digital displays. The SmartThinQ app makes everything seamless and gives you a sense of empowerment with its flexible nature.

Our lives are increasingly busy, but considering how much time you spend at home, you really do owe it to yourself to consider how you can minimise stress and unwind. When you have products such as these, which have been meticulously designed to enhance your quality of life and match your taste for minimalism, it makes being at home even more of a pleasurable experience.

Through what is clearly careful observation of our everyday habits and frustrations, LG SIGNATURE has produced appliances that are ready to provide solutions and challenge perceptions of what is technologically possible.

Take a moment to look through the LG SIGNATURE website and consider how your living space could be enhanced with beautifully designed tech: