Design Pick: LG Signature Air Purifier

December 15

Whether I’m cooking a meal or planning a workout, I’m all about a balanced lifestyle. One element that should never be compromised is our health.

From this city’s heat,  fog, dust, wind and rain – the weather can cause air quality to be impacted and take its toll on our bodies also. While we can’t control the elements, we are able to indoors. This becomes increasingly important when you consider how frequently we pollute our home environments with fragrances, anti-perspirants and cleaning chemicals. Over a long period of time, these contaminants can actually cause allergies and affect your breathing.

But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. With the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier, indoor air quality can be improved significantly, without taking away from the high-quality design you’d associate with LG SIGNATURE products. The Air Purifier has a clean white profile, complemented by black accents. It comes with Rain View Window – a unique feature that enables you to see air purification in action. As the Air Purifier works away, water droplets slowly drip from its window, causing a calming and equally satisfying effect.

Its powerful watering engine quietly rotates at high speed, using 18 litres of water to wash inhaled air and maintain a comfortable level of humidity. If you want to measure the improvement in air quality, all you need to do is take a look at the Smart Indicator and Smart Lighting. A digital screen provides readings of air quality in real-time, complemented by a subtle glow in one of four colours to update you on the Air Purifier’s progress.

In terms of convenience, LG SIGNATURE couldn’t have made it simpler. Trickle Watering enables you to fill the bucket easily, without detaching it from the main body. Then you have the aptly named Easy Bucket. For the times when you’re having a deep clean and want to remove the bucket, this can be done with speed and ease.

Before coming across the Air Purifier, my concern with air conditioners and purifiers was the possibility of stagnant water and dust being propelled back into the atmosphere. Thanks to the Air Purifier’s ultra violet light and Smart Drying technology, water is sterilized before it’s sprayed into the atmosphere and filters are dried internally to prevent bacteria from forming.

As with the rest of LG SIGNATURE’s range, the Air Purifier is also equipped with SmartThinQ technology. This enables you to monitor the air quality both indoors and outdoors straight on from your smartphone.

It’s definitely an investment worth considering. It’s so well-crafted that it has even won a Red Dot Design Award and comes backed with the confidence of a 10-year warranty for its motor. If you’re passionate about your lifestyle, let that extend to your health and the comfort of your home with the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier.

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