Restaurant Review: BeefBar, Dubai

July 12

Ideal for… dinner at the famed Monaco spot, BeefBar
Restaurant name and location: BeefBar at Al Fattan currency house in DIFC
Cuisine: steak/meat spot
Atmosphere: The restaurant isn’t very small – it has a dining area and a lounge side. The lounge area was full on a weekday evening, which is great for a brand new restaurant in Dubai.
What they say: Beefbar continue his expansion around the world, Dubai is his new spot. Obviously this place is dedicated to the best meat of the world, conveying this special Beebfar touch of quality, modernity and luxury.

What to order:
Truffle mini burgers
Mini Beef tartare trio- Angus, Kobe and Veal (not something you find everywhere). If you prefer the traditional one, it probably wins as one of my favorites and loved the almond addition to the dish.
Truffle fries
Pain perdu (their bestseller)
Service: I’ve been twice, and both times the service was on point, our server the first time, Leo was the sweetest (he recently moved to Dubai from Beef Bar Monaco). The second time, the very sweet and helpful, Ayub was our server.
What I loved:
-They have a ‘Dubai Exclusive Street Food’ section in their menu – that you can only find at BeefBar Dubai, of course.
-The restaurant did live to the hype, they serve really good and fresh meat.
-Their large selection of mashed potatoes, they have everything from the traditional to a blue cheese and walnuts one, and all the way to a lemon and lime one.

Bill for two: AED500
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