How often should we be cleansing our skin?

July 6

How often should we be cleansing our skin? Should we be doing double cleansing each time or is one cleanse good enough?

Double cleansing is a very good idea, especially in the evenings. The products you use in your cleansing routine, however, should be dependent on your skin type and condition is and what your skin needs. Those who wear loads of makeup should be using an emulsifying cleanser first, as this will break down any makeup and the oil. Once this has been done, then another cleanser that is specific to skin type can be used – for instance, those with acne can use a cleanser that contains salicylic acid, while those who have dry or aging skin should use a cleanser that has AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid).

By doing this two-step regime, you are removing the dirt and grime from the skin first, before using another cleanser in the second step that should have the active ingredients needed to target the skin’s individual concerns.  Although you can use a two-step cleansing routine both morning and evening, in the morning, the double cleanse or two-step cleansing routine is not as necessary. My recommendation is to only use products that have strong actives such as AHA or Salicylic Acid in the evening after you have been out all day and your skin has been exposed.

People that use AHA morning and evening are at risk of drying their skin out, making it a bit tight and tired looking. Night-time is best for stronger cleansers, while mornings it is better to use something light, gentle and refreshing, nothing too strong or too astringent.