Treatments to try this month

December 17

What: Mash up hair treatment at Be Bar salon
The atmosphere: I always love the energy at Be Bar – and the salon is always so welcoming
The experience: The last time I was at Be Bar, my stylist, Sashi recommended for me to try their new brand, Mash up’s hair treatment. As a hair treatment junkie, I had to give it a shot. The brand, Mash up is not very common in Dubai, but it’s actually by the same people behind Toni and guy – and is loved because of the fact that it can be customized to the client’s hair type. After my hair was washed with brand’s cleansing shampoo, their exfoliating conditioner was applied on the roots with a massage (which came with a tingly sensation, so my scalp did feel squeaky clean) For the ends, the mask was a mix of the hydrating mash, nourishing and beautiful color mixed with argan oil. The treatment was left on my hair for 40 minutes (if it was with steam, they’d only leave it for 30)
Final note and results: I love Be Bar’s treatments because you always feel quite relaxed – from the massage at the basin to the complimentary hand massage while you’re waiting. In terms of hair, it felt incredibly hydrated but still very light which is great because it holds your hairstyle.
Recommended therapist: Ria for the treatment and Sashi for beach waves after
Cost: Starts at AED250
Recommended rating: 9/10

What: Ultrasound Cavitation with Rebecca Treston @ Euromed
The atmosphere: When it comes to skincare and lasers, I only really see Rebecca Treston and her team at Euromed clinic in Jumeirah. I’ve been hearing about her Ultrasound cavitation treatment that helps with breaking down fat cells, and great if you have little fat pockets.
The experience: Quite a comfortable experience (with a little sensitivity), I decided to go for the inner thighs (a stubborn fat area) – which takes around 45 minutes for a session. A cold gel is applied to the area, before the machine is used to massage the area for 20 mins on each leg. Once the treatment is over, the gel is wiped off and you’re good to go – with no downtime.
Final note and results: Ultrasound cavitation is not something you see results with right away as it does take time for the fat to get destroyed – and 3-4 sessions are recommended per area. However I did feel a difference with every session I had done.
Cost: Prices start at AED800
Extra notes:
-The treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical.
Recommended rating: 9.5/10

What: Oribe blowout at The Nail Pavillion
The atmosphere: I’m such a fan of Oribe, and most LA girls will swear by the brand as well. Not many salons in Dubai have the brand – or even have it available for salon use. The Nail Pavillion in JLT is one of those salons that have a great edit of brands (they also have Pravana and Show beauty). The Oribe Blowout is pretty much an Oribe experience followed by a blow dry.
The experience: My treatment started with my hairstylist checking my hair and suggesting the shampoo and conditioner. Due to having dry, colored ends, he washed my hair using beautiful color, and used it’s mask (even though they’re quite hydrating, they’re also lightweight). Styling sprays and the oil were then used on my hair damp before styling.
Final note and results: My hair felt really smooth and light – and left with the most gorgeous effortless beach waves.
Recommended therapist: Bachir (ask for his messy beach waves!)
Cost: Starting at AED120
Recommended rating: 9.5/10

What: Reflexology at Tao Spa, The Mall in Jumeirah
The atmosphere: I tend to prefer day spas and spas in malls over hotel spas, as they’re more convenient in between a busy day. Tao spa is a new day spa (that offer a range of treatments including nail art) at a new shopping centre opposite Jumeirah beach hotel called, The Mall.
The experience: As soon as I entered, I filled up a consultation form and was taken to a treatment room, but I preferred doing it sitting down whilst catching up on emails so we ended up doing it in the nails room, which was just as relaxed. They have advanced electronic massage chairs, and also got offered herbal tea on the side.
Recommended therapist: Maria
Recommended rating: 8/10

What: Nashi treatment at Splendida by fashiontv
The atmosphere: I checked out Splendida salon by fashiontv, a spacious Jumeirah based salon and spa in partnership with Fashion TV. Went in on a weekday afternoon, I was the only one in so it was nice and quiet.
The experience: Home to treatments like hair, nails and spa beds – I booked in for a Nashi treatment. Personally a huge fan of Nashi hair products – an Italian brand made out of argan oil and natural products. As soon as the stylist checked my hair – she recommended the reconstructing treatment. My hair was first washed with the Nashi shampoo before the reconstructor treatment was applied to my hair in sections. Once that was applied and left on my hair in the steamer for 30 minutes, the treatment was then washed off and the lifting milk was applied to the hair, before it was washed out and dried (I always recommend an air dry after a treatment)
Final note and results: The products actually smell great, so my hair smelt good and felt super hydrated – Argan oil really makes all the difference.
Recommended stylist: Inna
Cost: The treatment costs AED300 and a blow dry is AED155
Recommended rating: 9/10

What: Rossano Ferretti signature treatment
The atmosphere: If you’re quite beauty savvy, you would’ve heard about the Rossano Ferretti salons (behind the Ferretti cutting method) were opening in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I’ve been to the salon in Dubai a few times, and always so impressed with the whole Italian luxury experience – from start to finish.
The experience: I’ve only ever been to the salon for the method haircut, but they actually have other treatments from waxing to nails. This time, I came in for their signature hair treatment – which is great for damaged or color treated hair. Rich in hydrolyzed Keratin, my hair was sprayed with water at the basin by sections, and then had the treatment applied in and massaged for penetration. Without any heat (which I always love), the treatment was left on my hair for 15-20 minutes before I got a massage and had it washed out.
Final note and results: I loved the fact that it was a quick fix – yet my hair felt really soft and smelt incredible (they also sell their own mask at the salon)
Recommended stylist: Method director, Christina
Cost: prices start at AED150
Recommended rating: 9.5/10